Friday, April 25, 2014

24 Weeks

So, I'm not entirely sure what happened to week 23. I feel like I went to sleep and woke up and a whole week passed! I apologize for completely skipping that week of updates---time just got away from me. However, here we are at Week 24! Little Man is moving quite a bit (which I ADORE) and I've been feeling pretty good! I did have a doctor's appointment last week (only one more until I start going every 2 weeks....what?!) and it went great. The day before I went, I was having some weird symptoms--my heart was racing, I felt out of breath, and somewhat dizzy. So I took that whole day and stayed on the couch, keeping myself hydrated and making sure I was eating. Holt was still moving all over the place so I didn't feel like anything was wrong with him, but I just wasn't sure what was going on with me and if it was normal. At my appointment, my doctor calmly explained those symptoms can be normal around this time in pregnancy just because of the increase in blood volume that your heart has to  pump while pregnant. Not to mention, the added weight in the midsection can make it hard for the blood to travel back up to the heart. He checked Holt's heart rate, which was great, and everything else looked good, but just to make sure he took some blood and had me get a chest x-ray and an EKG. Thankfully, all my tests came back normal, so I'm just monitoring myself and making sure that when I feel that way again, I immediately sit down and put my feet up. Any other moms out there have these symptoms? Can I just say I am beyond thankful I don't have a racing heart or am short of breath when I'm not pregnant....not fun at all. I go back to my doctor at 28 weeks and I have to take the glucose screening test (yum). I should be nice and tan after being in Florida for my sister's wedding (which is 2 weeks from TODAY!)---yay for not being pasty white anymore! Also this week, we went to pick up his crib and dresser! Daniel's oldest brother and his wife are finished having children and they graciously offered to give us their crib and dresser (SCORE) so we loaded up and headed to Fayetteville last weekend and picked them up! His room is finally starting to look like a nursery now! Pics will come later don't worry. :)

Last Easter as a family of 2!

How far along: 24 weeks, 1 day
Maternity clothes: Yep. And now that it's warmer, breaking out the dresses!
Stretch marks: none
Sleep: Still sleeping great---probably due to my body pillow (pregnant friends--GET ONE if you don't already have one. It will change your life!)
Best moment this week: Checking in on Baby Holt at the doctor and getting his crib and dresser
Miss anything: Being able to eat more than 3 bites without getting full! Honestly, it's probably a good thing because it prevents me from over-eating, but man!
Movement: Oh yeah. Sometimes he kicks so hard you can see my belly jump!
Food cravings: Still liking coconut. I've also REALLY been craving some sushi---don't worry, I won't eat any with raw fish! But a California Roll is seriously calling my name!
Food aversions: Nothing super terrible. Still not completely sold on grilled chicken, but it is more tolerable.
Have you started showing: Just a little :)
Labor Signs: None
Belly button In/Out: Still in for now, although this week I feel like it's starting to get closer to the surface
Rings On/Off: On, but I am not sure I'll get to leave them on much past May. Those few really hot days we have had have made my fingers swell. Not to worry---I'll get one of those huge CZ rings :)
Happy or Moody: Happy, Happy, Happy
Looking forward to: Preparing to leave for Florida next Saturday! Can't believe it's finally approaching.
Baby development this week: Holt has gained about 4 ounces since last week and is about the length of an ear of corn. His brain is becoming a super highway of nerves and his taste buds are developing.  

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