Monday, October 19, 2015

Baby Lowery #2: 10 Weeks

I started documenting my pregnancy journey with Holt at 10 weeks, so that's where we will start with this one too. It is so fun to look back on what was going on with my first pregnancy---if you want to take a look too, just click HERE :)

It's also kind of interesting to see that they are already a tad different. I can probably attribute that to chasing around a toddler with this pregnancy, but I also know every pregnancy is different. I feel like I'm way more nauseous and tired this time around. It's more like all day sickness, and then it gets even worse around 4pm and on into the night. I haven't been sick yet, which I know is a HUGE blessing, and I also know not feeling good just comes with being pregnant. But I'll be honest, I am so ready to feel like myself again. You kind of forget how bad you feel those first several weeks of the first trimester.

For the most part, Holt has been really good. He is able to play by himself very well so I can lay on the couch if I need to (which is multiple times a day at this point).

We went to the doctor Friday (10/16) to double check if we were expecting twins, but found out there is only one baby in there! He or she had a heart rate of 170 bpm and was squirming and moving those arms and legs everywhere. It was so sweet! Ultrasound machines blow up the image and magnify the baby, so while the baby looks pretty large, in reality it's only about 3 cm (or right over an inch) long----I find it so amazing that something so tiny has a heart beat you can see and can move and squirm all over the place!

How far along:  10 weeks
Maternity clothes: some shirts and definitely already busting out the leggings. No shame.
Stretch marks: I made it my entire pregnancy with Holt without stretch marks on my belly, although I did get a few on my hips and inner thighs. I'm hoping the same thing happens with this pregnancy!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good. And I try to take naps when Holt naps, although some days are better than others. I still feel tired all the time though. Ready for my energy back!
Best moment this week: Seeing our baby on ultrasound!
Miss anything: I miss being myself. I'm ready for my energy back and to not feel like puking every second of the day.
Movement: Too early, but I think I have a posterior placenta this time (as opposed to anterior with Holt) so hopefully I'll feel some baby kicks earlier than last time!
Food cravings: MILK. I've been drinking at least 2 glasses of ice cold milk everyday. I can't seem to get enough. Other than that, nothing really sounds good….except macaroni and cheese sometimes.
Food aversions: Everything. I don't want coffee again, I don't want anything to do with tacos (unlike last time), I don't want chicken unless it's fried, I can't cook because I can't deal with smells (I can hardly open the fridge). So I really haven't been eating much except cereal, bagels with cream cheese, some eggs, macaroni and cheese….basically dairy.
Have you started showing: I feel like I am! I feel like I already look like I did at 14 weeks last time. It's not really a "bump" yet, it just looks like I ate too much.
Gender prediction: Based on the fact that this pregnancy is already quite a bit different than Holt's, my initial thought is girl. However, I also know I'm chasing a 14 month old this time which can make it different, so it may be a boy and I could be wrong! Hopefully we will find out around Christmas!
Labor signs: No
Belly button In/Out: In. It never popped with Holt, it just went flat. So I'm anticipating the same thing this time.
Rings On/Off: On
Happy/Moody: Probably more moody so far. Just from the fact I don't feel good 24/7.
Looking forward to: 2nd trimester!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baby Lowery #2

Yep! #littlebabylowery2 is on his or her way and will grace us with their presence next May! We are beyond thrilled to have a new little sibling for Holt and a new little baby entrusted to us to raise up as a strong man or woman of God.

I found out I was pregnant on Friday, September 11th. I thought it fitting we found out about this baby on September 11th. On a day that marks such tragedy for our country, we got to experience the joy of anticipating a new life coming into this world!  Daniel had to work a half-day that day, so I took the test while he was at work. I was about a week late, but I honestly wasn't expecting to be pregnant. We had only been trying for a month! But there it was---faint, yet plain as day. Two blue lines on the test! I could hardly wait for Daniel to get home!

A few weeks prior, on a trip to Houston, I bought a shirt for Holt that said "Best Brother" in hopes that he would get to wear it sooner rather than later. I put that on him so that when Daniel walked in the door, he would see it immediately--and he did! He just started laughing and couldn't stop! He was so excited!

I called my doctor's office that afternoon and was told to come in sometime in the next week for a blood test so they could check my hormone levels. I went in on Tuesday, and my levels were at 3500. They told me to come back the next week because they needed to be at least 10,000 before they could see anything on ultrasound. I went back in the next Monday and they told me my levels were good enough for an ultrasound so we scheduled an appointment for Thursday, September 24th.

My mom came up to help with Holt at the appointment, and we all traipsed back there to see our new baby. Dr. Riche came in and told me my levels had jumped from 3500 to 25-30,000…..which could possibly be indicative of multiples (not always, it just depends on the woman). We always knew twins were a possibility, but having it (maybe) be a reality is kind of overwhelming and scary! Dr. Riche did the ultrasound and only found one baby, however since it was still so early and the baby is so tiny, it is possible he just missed the other one. Our next appointment is scheduled for Friday, October 16th and we will definitely know for sure that day if we have one or two bundles of joy!

Please continue to pray for us---a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mama. Also pray for us to prepare Holt for a baby brother or sister and a smooth transition for him (its never too early to start praying for that!).