Friday, August 10, 2012

the New J.O.B.

My new J.O.B.

Let's just say God knew what He was always. I absolutely LOVE it. Aside from all the overwhelming-ness and learning new things, which just comes with new-job territory, it's fabulous.

I work at a clinic called Advanced Foot and Ankle. It consists of two doctors, male and female, who happen to be married...but she goes by a different last name. Weird, I know. I also work under an Office Manager, April, who I instantly clicked with, and we also have a receptionist at our main office named Lindsey.  I am one of the medical assistants for the female (Dr. Dorsett), which is also a great example of divine providence. Not that Dr. Sanders (the male) isn't just as nice or welcoming, but he is more of a workaholic. This is what my typical day looks like working for her:

* I come in at 8:45 AM.
*We see our first patient at 9:15 AM
*We see ONE patient every 15 minutes until we break for lunch around noon
*We have lunch until we see our next patient at 1:30 PM (this allows for travel to other locations)
*Again, we see a patient every 15 minutes--our last one is seen at 4:30 PM
*We close everything up and I leave at the latest by 5:00 PM
*BONUS: on Fridays I leave by 3:00 PM

Is this not the greatest work schedule ever?! Time absolutely flies by! As I mentioned above, we also have different office locations--four to be exact. So I travel to different ones throughout the week--which is paid travel time. I love this aspect too because it gives me variety throughout my day and my week. Dr. Dorsett is very nice and has a fun sense of humor, except for when she gets into "doctor mode." She has two young girls so that is why she wants to see her last patient at 4:30, no exceptions. Again, AWESOME.

The reason I say this is because Dr. Sanders definitely has a busier schedule. Where we see ONE patient every 15 minutes, he might see 2 or 3 in that span of time. And he doesn't always see his last patient at 4:30. Sometimes his medical assistants don't finish until 6:00 PM or after. Again, the Lord definitely knows what He is doing.

I'm able to do what I love, and still be off work in time to come home and cook dinner for my hunk of a man...maybe even squeeze in a workout class. PLUS, the best part....are you ready?


Can I get a Hallelujah! Yep, God definitely knows what He is doing. It is absolutely perfect. I get to wear scrubs again (another Hallelujah), I have an awesome laid-back work place, I get along great with my co-workers and the doctor I work for, and I am bringing in more income and benefits will come later. WOW. I'm just completely humbled and utterly grateful for this wonderful turn of events.

Now, Daniel's job that I posted on FB fell through. (shocked faces can commence). We got the call on a Thursday that they wanted to hire him, he went and met with them on Friday---had a few issues to work out concerning what they would pay him, and the next Wednesday they called and basically said they changed their minds. To say I was mad was probably an understatement. Now that it has been a week, and I've been on vacation, we feel a little better. Ultimately, if they didn't want him, we would rather know NOW than get 2 weeks into it and then they change their minds. But, now we are back to square one with him looking for other employment. (The tutoring company doesn't think he will get to tutor this fall because of new laws or something or other...). Please be in prayer that he can find the perfect thing that would work with his school schedule and also provide adequate income for our family.

Also, another prayer request is for direction and wisdom concerning our future---we are in prayer about where God would have us go once he finishes up and graduates with his Master's degree in May. This time in our lives is all about newness and change and we are doing our best to embrace it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You know that God gave you the perfect job and He will do the same for Daniel. Your job sounds so awesome! congrats~