Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Evie: 18 Months


Time is absolutely FLYING and this Mama is really not ok with it. Of course we have had another MAJOR LIFE CHANGE in the last couple of months, which doesn't help that, but still! The second year goes by so much faster than the first.

Evie brings all kinds of spunk and sass to our family. This girl is majorly dramatic, screams for fun, definitely stands her ground, and is stubborn as a mule. She also loves to sing, dances to music anytime it's on,  and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses (when she wants to). Her vocabulary is absolutely exploding and she understands so much. Y'all, she even POOPED ON THE POTTY the other day!! Granted, that was a total fluke and hasn't happened since, but still. The fact that she grasped the concept already gives me a lot of hope! Also, the girl could live off of Eggo blueberry frozen waffles. Yes, we reference Stranger Things ALL. THE. TIME. My little "Eleven" LOL!

We still have a paci, but she is slowly weaning off of it. There are a few times we have forgotten it at home on "school" days and she has done absolutely fine without it. Gives me lots of hope because after the first of the year, we are starting the process of "bye bye paci."

She has popped all of her I-teeth FINALLY. Poor thing has been teething those for about 3 months and they broke through the other day. Just in time for her molars to start coming in. *sigh*

Here's what has been happening the last 3 months:

*started MDO

* we have played outside and been to the park A LOT

*playdates with our best friends

* Labor Day with RoRo and Melly

*started Bible Study Fellowship

*Mama and Daddy got to go on VACATION for a week and Holt and Evie stayed with my parents

*we painted pumpkins

*Evie went to her first wedding

*Evie got to pet a baby cow at our church small group fellowship

*Evie got her first haircut

*we had our Family Fall Festival at church and Evie was a little pig

*I started working outside the home with Rhea Lana's! Read all about that HERE

Height: 31 inches (20th percentile)
Weight: 22 lbs 4 oz (45th percentile)

Favorites: *her Bubba *her Daddy---my goodness is she a Daddy's girl! *music *jewelry *shoes *anything sparkly *baby dolls *brushing her hair *Moana (still) *basically she is ALL GIRL!

Sleeping: She is still a pretty good sleeper! We had somewhat of a regression with Daylight Savings where she started waking up at 6/6:15 AM, but after a week or so we settled back into our normal routine. She naps one nap a day still for about 1 hour 45 minutes---just about on the dot. She NEVER wakes or cries during the night, so a couple nights when she has we have somewhat freaked out. Thankfully, I think it's just her molars starting to come in. We are getting ready to break the paci though, so pray it goes as smoothly with her as it did Holt!

Feeding: The girl can eat! Still! She eats a waffle and banana (sometimes two of each) for breakfast with milk. We normally have a morning snack and then lunch is PB sandwich with a pouch and another side (string cheese, goldfish, pretzels, etc). After nap we have another snack with milk and then she eats whatever we eat for dinner.

Typical Day:

7/7:30AM  wake up & breakfast
mid morning snack
11:00AM  lunch
12:30-2:30 nap
mid afternoon snack
5:30PM  dinner
7/7:15PM bedtime

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