Monday, January 16, 2017

Evie: 8 Months

Happy 2017! And happy 8 months to our Evie-girl! She has seemed to blossom this month. It is amazing what all she has accomplished in only 30 days! She has:

*learned how to clap
*started pulling up in her crib and on people
*went from one meal a day to three meals a day + (3) 8 oz. bottles

*started saying "mama"
*celebrated her First Christmas

*celebrated the life of her great-grandmother Ruth (her funeral was the week after Christmas)
*she experienced her first snow

*she has started patting---especially if she wants to be picked up and you get her, she just pats away on your arm as if to say "thank you!"
*sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time

She is still just my chill, laid-back, very social baby girl and is so happy all the time! I still whisper "thank you God" on a regular basis when I think back to the first 3 months of her little life and how hard they were. Thankful for a healthy, happy baby!

Typical Schedule:

6:45/7 AM wake up
7/7:30AM  8 oz bottle
8/8:30AM  breakfast
9AM  nap
11:30AM  lunch
12:30PM   8 oz bottle
1:00PM   nap
4/5PM  dinner
6 PM  bath (if needed), pj's, 8 oz bottle
6:30/7PM  bedtime

In other news, we STILL have not broken any teeth! Poor thing. I think they keep moving up and down. For the most part she is still pretty happy, but she has her moments where I know her mouth is just killing her. Let's hope she doesn't teethe like her brother and only pop one tooth at a time.

Also, she HATES baths. I'm talking hyperventilating, shaking, holding on to me for dear life, screaming-crying HATES them. We moved her to the laundry basket now that she sits up well, but even when we still used the baby bath she just doesn't like them. Which, lets be honest, 2nd baby--she doesn't get bathed every day. But it's still a huge struggle. We just try to make them as fast as possible and then calm her down afterwards.

Feeding: We have switched feeding schedules and it has worked SO WELL. I think this is what has finally helped her start sleeping all night. She now has (3) 8 oz. bottles + 3 meals every day. We do a mixture of baby foods and soft table foods, but she seems to prefer to feed herself and therefore would much rather have table food. We also do puffs and we introduced peanut butter, which she LOVES. She loves it so much she cried huge crocodile tears when I put up the container the first time she tried it. Definitely my child. This is also helping her gain some weight--I'm not sure how much because we don't go back for a check up until next month, but she feels heavier. Grow girl grow!

Milestones: I feel like this was a big month for milestones. She can pull-up on certain things. She can clap. She can say "mama" and KNOW she's talking about me. She has starting eating so much more.

Favorites: *Holt--ANYTHING her brother does is hilarious, but she especially loves for him to play peek-a-boo with her *her bottles *Mama--she is definitely a mama's girl but her daddy tells me that will change ;) *people--she just loves to be in the middle of all the action! she doesn't like to be by herself for very long. she starts crying if she's by herself too long.

Sleeping: Biggest news in this department is she in FINALLY sleeping through the night! She's only been doing that though for about a week. All through the holidays it was still rough and she was waking 2-3 times a night for a paci and wanting to eat about 5AM. But now that we have switched to our new schedule she rarely wakes up. Praises!! She is down to 2 naps a day and her morning nap is typically around 45 minutes but her afternoon nap is usually at least 1.5-2 hours. Yay!

Photo Dump:

that face <3

already loves that bling!

Christmas with the Lowery's (12.23)

the only picture of all 4 of us we got all day 

Christmas with the Henderson's (12.24)

real life taking a picture with a toddler and infant

Evie got to be Baby Jesus at our Live Nativity this year

looking cute in her Christmas pj's 

she loves her baby doll

Christmas with RoRo and Melly (12.31)
Happy happy girl! 

First snow 

First time to swing at our best friend's house--she really did enjoy it!

she cracks herself up 

learning how to get around in the walker


You bring so much joy to our home! You are such a happy baby and you just go with the flow--so helpful and such a blessing. You really only get upset when you're hungry or tired, or if you want to be picked up and we walk right by you. You light up a room and want to be right in the middle of all the action. You think anything your brother does is absolutely hilarious and you are my little cuddle bug. We love you to pieces and can't imagine our family without you. Can't wait to see what the next month holds! 

love, mama