Monday, May 19, 2014

27 Weeks

Well, I don't have a chalkboard picture this week. Let's face it, I'm just extremely lazy when I'm on vacation. However, I DO have a pic with my incredibly attractive husband, so I guess that will work. :) I just got back from 2 weeks in Florida. The first week we spent finalizing wedding preparations-- making sure all our ducks were in a row, bridal portraits were taken (and STUNNING by the way), and family started rollin' in for the big day. I'll do a whole separate post later this week on the wedding, but Y'ALL. It. Was. Perfect. And the hubs did such an amazing job officiating his first wedding ceremony. Then, the second week, after seeing the lovebirds off to their amazing honeymoon cruising the Caribbean, we all crashed and tried to recover from the semi-truck called "Hannah's Perfect Wedding Day." It truly was perfect, but boy were we all sore and exhausted afterwards. So, last week, mom and my grandmother and I basically laid on beach chairs all day while my dad and the hubby caught crab and fish and played bocce ball and did all sorts of fun stuff. Oh yeah, AND Daniel found this starfish that we brought back to display in Holt's nursery:

Isn't that so cool? Needless to say, it was a great couple of weeks for Holt's first trip to the beach. Now it's back to reality and back to the grind of work and laundry and grocery shopping. But fun things are coming up too: Hannah and Kirby's reception in Conway (which again, EVERYONE is invited to) on Friday, May 30th, then my dad's side of the family has a reunion that same weekend (always a blast), then I get maternity pictures made by my über-talented cousin, then we start having baby showers and childbirth class and then BOOM, before I know it we hit July and then I have a nervous breakdown for 2.5 seconds because the impending arrival of my child is upon us. Let me just mention, since this pregnancy is FLYING and we are getting closer and closer to D-day, I may or may not have had a few freak-out moments about the fact that this child has to come out of me. Just being real...

Alright, on to the good stuff:

How far along: 27 weeks, 4 days
Maternity clothes: Um, yes. AND I got to wear my non-maternity, yet fabulous swimsuits!
Stretch marks: Nada
Sleep: Still blissful
Best moment this week: My hubby made me feel super special for my first Mother's Day and gave me a prenatal massage that I got to use last week. (Isn't he the best?) Can I just say WOW. I felt like a new person. She was incredible--loosening muscles that I didn't even know were tight! It. Was. Wonderful. 
Miss anything: It's a difficult transition for me to humbly accept that I can't do everything I could before I was pregnant. I started having hip pain last week, only in my right hip, and a couple of nights I woke up with what felt like period cramps. So forcing myself to take it easy and not lift anything heavy or take my time walking up stairs, a big challenge. I just keep reminding myself it's temporary and I'm doing what's best for little man. 
Movement: I think I started feeling him have hiccups a couple of days ago. And ironically, he didn't move as much the past couple of weeks--he must have been relaxing and on vacation too. :)
Food cravings: Anything sour!! And the past couple of days I have really wanted Lay's Barbecue Chips. 
Food aversions: Nothing lately (can I get an amen?)
Have you started showing: Mmmm....slightly
Labor Signs: None---but I've started getting heartburn. Fun. 
Belly button In/Out: In
Rings On/Off: On
Happy or Moody: Happy
Looking forward to: All the things I mentioned in the above paragraph
Baby development this week: Holt is the size of a cucumber--about 2 pounds and roughly 15 inches long. He is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals and he is getting baby hiccups. 

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