Sunday, May 4, 2014

25 Weeks

Aloha from the sunny state of Florida! It is officially WEDDING WEEK--which is why I'm just now getting around to posting (sorry). Not much has happened other than my belly growing quite a bit and prepping/packing for the wedding. Only 3 weeks left until I'm in the 3rd trimester (WHAT?!) and apparently this is going to be the time he is the most active since after that his room is going to become quite a bit smaller as he grows! Funny story--Daniel and I went on a date last Tuesday and our waitress asked me if I was pregnant. I told her yes I was and that I was due in August. THIS is how she replied, " You don't even look pregnant!" Um, thanks? So I just look like I have a huge beer belly? Listen, if a woman is VISIBLY pregnant, DON'T tell her she doesn't even look pregnant! So not a compliment. Lol

Mom, Hannah, my grandmother, one of the bridesmaids, my mom's best friend and I left for Florida at 2AM Saturday morning, caravan-ing and bringing all the wedding dècor and stuff.  We got here yesterday afternoon and have been busy gearing up for all the festivities this week. Since it's a destination wedding, not many people are coming, or were invited for that matter (which is why we are hosting a reception in Conway on May 30th at Centennial Valley Country Club. EVERYONE IS INVITED)--it's about 95% family and the other 5% is the wedding party. Everyone will start trickling in starting Wednesday, my hubby gets here Thursday and then the wedding is Friday! I can't wait to post pictures--it's going to be so beautiful!!

*side note--one of my best friends is having her baby girl today! Congratulations Sarah--I can't wait to meet her!*

How far along: 25 weeks and 3 days
Maternity clothes: One of my good friends loaned me about 5 tops, 2 pair of shorts, and about 5 dresses! I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! Thank you Celice :)
Stretch marks: Negatory
Sleep: Great! So, so thankful I'm still sleeping good at this stage
Best moment this week: Going on a date with my hubby :)
Miss anything: Laying on my tummy. But, the hubs is going to carve me out a hole in the sand so I can!
Movement: Everyday! Absolutely loving it. I'll definitely miss that feeling once he is here.
Food cravings: sushi! and anything sour
Food aversions: Chicken still--but not too bad!
Have you started showing: The waitress sure noticed
Labor Signs: None
Belly button In/Out: In for now! I have a feeling it's going to pop out at some point though
Rings On/Off: On. Being in Florida will be a good judge of how bad my fingers will swell. I'm hoping to make it through part of June without having to take them off.
Happy or Moody: Happy
Looking forward to: All the fun wedding festivities this week and then relaxing on vacation next week
Baby development this week: Not much other than he is steadily gaining weight and his nostrils are open so he can practice breathing now!

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