Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hannah and Kirby's wedding

They did it! They officially tied the knot on 05.09.2014 in Florida! It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. The weather was perfect--high of 75 and partly cloudy (although there was major wind) which created beautiful photos that I simply cannot wait to see! We spent the morning of the wedding relaxing--eating donuts, running last minute errands, girl-talk, etc. Starting at 1:00 pm, we girls started getting our hair and makeup done. At 3:30 we all loaded up and headed to Anna's Veranda, a 100- year old completely restored Victorian home located directly across the street from a public access to Inlet Beach. Kirby's family and the groomsman all stayed here in the days leading up to the wedding and it was also the venue for the wedding reception. Pictures do not do it justice! 

About 4:00 pm, we got Hannah into her dress (which was well documented) and we started taking family pictures about 4:30pm. Now, Hannah and Kirby did not see each other before the ceremony so we had to be all sneaky transporting her around so that the groom wouldn't see his beautiful bride. But we successfully pulled it off and the ceremony started on the beach at 6:00 pm sharp. 


My hubby is an ordained minister and last summer they asked him if he would do the honor in marrying them. Isn't that so cool? So for his first wedding ceremony to perform, he had the honor of marrying his "sister" (as he called her in the ceremony--so sweet) to the love of her life. I just have to brag on him--he did an absolutely amazing job! You would have had no idea it was his first wedding! 

So, Daniel and Kirby are standing up there as people start getting seated. First, the grandmothers, then the mothers...

I don't have a pic of Kirby's mom being walked down, but aren't my parents adorable?

Then, the bridesmaids and the flower girl (Kirby's niece, Aubrey) and the ring bearers (our cousins, Finn and Crane)...

And then......

I couldn't look at my mom, cause she was crying; I couldn't look at Kirby's mom, cause she was crying;  And then, I looked at Kirby. Y'all. It was so sweet. I started tearing up! The look on his face when he saw her----I can't even accurately describe it. Delight and surprise and love and admiration and joy and all sorts of emotions just rolled up into one and he was trying not to lose it too. So. precious. I'm so thankful my sister has someone who looks at her like that--she deserves it. 

Daniel started the ceremony, my dad gave her away, they said their "I Do's" and their vows, they did a unity knot ceremony and the parents prayed over them...

And then, they were husband and wife and Kirby kissed his bride! 

After the ceremony, we finished taking photos with the photographer and then we all headed back to Anna's Veranda for the reception. We had a chef cooking up a scrumptious menu of caesar salad, korean beef skewers with chili sauce, smoked tuna dip, crab cakes with lemon dijon sauce, and a grit bar with gouda cheese grits and toppings of blackened shrimp, bacon, peppers and onion. Y'all. Seriously some of the best food I've EVER eaten. PLUS there was cake! The backyard was strung with cafè lighting and there were tables with lanterns and candles and our bridesmaid bouquets. Then we had a dance party! Everything from "Wobble Baby" to slow-dancing country to a few Spanish songs (one of the groomsmen was from Brazil and serenaded us all). They have a noise ordinance starting at 10:00 pm (kind of bummer cause we were having so much fun), so we shipped the newlyweds off and cleaned everything up before crashing in our beds for the night. 

Yeah, that stud is mine

Now that they are back from their honeymoon and starting their life together as husband and wife, they wanted to celebrate with all their family and friends who were unable to be there for the day itself. We are having a huge reception in Conway on Friday, May 30th at Centennial Valley Country Club starting at 6:30 pm. EVERYONE IS INVITED. This is crucial that you know this because they did not send out invitations--we would have to send out like 10,000. Please come! Hannah will wear her dress so everyone can see it in person, plus there is going to be great food and of course a fabulous wedding cake! It is going to be great fun!  

And that friends, is the story of Hannah and Kirby's perfect day! Ok, a few more pics...

The three of us ladies (and Holt) at the rehearsal dinner the night before

Our beautiful cousins, Katie Jo and Caroline with the bride

I snapped this during her Bridal Portrait session--holy moly it was beautiful!

The newly-minted newlyweds

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