Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 28

*Excuse my loveliness (pure sarcasm) in this picture---we are currently without A/C until TUESDAY (not really ideal for a lady who is 28 weeks pregnant) and we've been doing somethings around the putting the crib together and washing the first round of baby clothes!*

Well HELLO there 3rd trimester! How did you sneak up on me like that? Good gravy, the 2nd trimester absolutely flew by! And now, here we are, 12 weeks (or maybe less....or maybe more. Please NO!) away from little man's arrival! Lots of fun things happened this week! First of all, we figured out Wednesday night that our A/C is not working. LOVELY. When we got home from church about 8:00 pm, our thermostat was set on 74 degrees and it was a humid 80 degrees. And the really fun part is, they can't fix our unit until next Tuesday! BUT, the Lord has been good to us---so far it has been overcast and a chance of rain everyday with highs only in the low 80's. So, it hasn't been too terrible---thank goodness it's not July! 

Also, I had another doctor appointment this week---the lovely glucose test. In all actuality, it really wasn't that bad. They had the drink chilled already (which helped tremendously) and I only had to drink half the bottle. It really just tasted like flat orange soda and I chugged that sucker in 2 minutes flat! Meeting with my doctor went great as well! Holt's heartbeat is still holding steady at about 150 and he is currently breech. *This is kinda crazy--he told me that the only method to turning a baby to head down that is backed up by medical data is to burn incense. No. lie. So, if you come to my house with incense burning all over the place--not to worry! I'm just trying to get him to turn!* I go back in 3 weeks and then Daniel and I will go to our childbirth class at the hospital (woot woot) and then around 34 weeks or so they will do another ultrasound to check the anatomy again and to see if he is still breech. If he is, then we will start discussing our options--although there would still be PLENTY of time for him to turn. Praise the Lord for another good report! 

Another fun thing that happened this week is I got a chance to go garage sale shopping for baby clothes! *insert happy dance here* One of the women at my church has a 3 year old son (who's name is also Holt!) and she was cleaning out all of her baby clothes for a garage sale this weekend and asked if I wanted to come take a look---um, yes please! So, Daniel told me not to completely buy her out (lol) and away I went! Y'all. Such a surreal feeling to buy clothes that my unborn son will be wearing in a short amount of time! IT WAS SO FUN! She had some great stuff---I bought probably around 50 pieces ranging everywhere from 3 months to 12 months including a couple monogrammed burp cloths and a Christmas shirt, footie sleeper pajamas, baby gap outfits, and even an adorable swimsuit for next summer! After that purchase, I immediately went to Walmart and stocked up on baby hangers and baby detergent and set to work washing everything--probably the first time I have ever been this excited about doing laundry.  *side note: I don't know how they do it, but baby detergent seriously smells just like a newborn baby. I literally stood there a minute and just smelled the clothes. Maybe a little weird? But I don't care!* Now his new clothes hang up in his closet and it's making it more real that this little person is going to be living here in just a few short months. 

Whew! Lots of things starting to happen! 

How far along: 28 weeks, 2 days
Maternity clothes: Yep
Stretch marks: Still in the clear!
Sleep: I slept like a rock last night! And I had this crazy dream that I went into labor and didn't have anything packed for the hospital--not for me or Holt! I woke up freaking out a bit, but good thing I still have a few weeks before I need to do that. 
Best moment this week: It's so hard to pick! Probably buying clothes and getting them in his closet
Miss anything: Just what I mentioned last week--not being able to do what I could before I was pregnant (to a certain extent). Forcing myself to take it easy!
Movement: He's been super active since we got home from vacation! A couple of nights ago was the first time I felt him stick either his rear or something out so my stomach was lopsided and rock hard where he was sticking out. It was such a cool feeling! 
Food cravings: Since the A/C has been out, anything cold! We went and bought popsicles :)
Food aversions: Yay for getting to say no!
Labor signs: I've had a couple Braxton-Hicks contractions--maybe like 2. So nothing real consistent or anything
Belly button In/Out: In
Rings On/Off: On! Even with the A/C off!
Happy or Moody: Happy
Looking forward to: Really working on the nursery! We got the crib put together about 3/4ths of the way (we had to order 3 more screws to finish) and next weekend, we are ordering the rocking chair and getting chalk paint to paint his dresser and bookshelf. Plus, my sweet grandmother is helping me with curtains and his bedding and I have a few ideas for some artwork that I'll do. It's going to be so fun! 
Baby development: This week, Holt is the size of a head of lettuce--about 2 1/4 pounds and around 15-16 inches long. He is blinking his eyes this week (which now have eyelashes) and he can see light that filters through my womb. Also, his brain is developing more and more neurons and his body is accumulating more fat (so he can have those cute baby rolls) for when he is born. 

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