Monday, January 13, 2014

Yep! We're Havin' a Baby!

The secret is out! I am currently 9 1/2 weeks pregnant with our first baby! :) 

To say we are excited would be an understatement! This happened a little earlier than planned, but God's timing is perfect and we just feel so blessed to be entrusted with this little life. 

To be honest, when I would think in my head about finding out I was pregnant, I had this whole scenario of tell Daniel in a super cool way and he would be in shock and then we would jump up and down together and I might even cry a little. Did it happen that way? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Ha!

We found out on December 6, 2013--the day the huge ice storm hit. I was a couple of days late, which was nothing out of the ordinary. However, Daniel told me I had been acting really weird and our dog, Sophie, had been acting strange towards me too. (The whole week prior she did not leave my side! And she cuddled with me whenever I was on the couch which, up until that point, she had never done). So I took one and we waited and waited--y'all those three minutes seem like forever! We went back there together to look, and at first glance, it looked just like one line. HOWEVER, upon a second (much closer) glance, you could see a real faint second line. 

"I think I'm pregnant."

"What? No, I think it's just one line."

"No. Look! I think there is a faint second line."

"Wow! You're pregnant babe! Congratulations!"

"I think maybe I should take another test just to be sure."

So, I took a second one, and it didn't take any time at all for both lines to appear! We were definitely pregnant! I started crying, Daniel was jumping up and down excited, and Sophie had no idea what was going on! WE ARE PREGNANT! 

After the news sunk in, we started brainstorming how to tell our parents. Both of my parents have birthdays in December, so we decided to make them a "birthday card." We went down to their house on December 22nd, gave them the card and made them read it out loud. (Daniel was video-ing the whole time). On the inside it said: "The best parents get promoted to GRANDPARENTS! Expected August 2014"

To say there were shocked is putting it mildly! My mom instantly started crying and my dad was hugging us and saying congratulations. It was SO fun to see their reactions! 

For Daniel's family, we went to their house on December 23rd for lunch and to open gifts. His parents as well as both brothers and sisters-in-law were there. It's nothing unusual for Daniel to pray before meals, so he asked his dad if he could do the honors. *side note: my sister-in-law, Kimberly, is also pregnant and is due June 5th* At the end of the prayer, he said: "...and please protect Kim's baby and Haley's baby as this new year approaches." Everyone's head shot up and they all screamed! Again, SO fun!

So now the secret is out and we are so happy to share our joyful news! I plan on doing "bump updates" like what you see on Pinterest so stay tuned!

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  1. Haley!!! So excited for you two! Being parents is the best thing ever!!! I LOVE the way you announced that you were expecting in a prayer! I hope to read tons of updates. :) Love being a MOM and love hearing mommy stories!