Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Holt is 2!

Well, we have a TWO year old! I'm not quite sure how, it just happened so fast. This last year (from one to two) went by WAY faster than the first year. Probably because I actually got sleep (haha) and probably because I was pregnant for most of it. Time truly does go by so fast, but this year has been a BLAST! So many fun and new things have happened and it makes me look forward to this next year. Here is what has been happening in Holt's world the last 3 months:

*helps feed Sophie
*helps vacuum, sweep, mop, put things in laundry, load dishwasher
*favorite word is "no"---working on our attitude and saying "no thank you"
*huge interest in animal movies/TV shows---Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, Fox and the Hound. He also loves Super Why on PBS kids.
*went on his 2nd beach trip (if you missed it, read all about it HERE)
*he finished swimming lessons
*celebrated Daniel's birthday and Father's Day
*celebrated my birthday
*traveled to Conway for Jordan Reunion
*traveled to NLR to celebrate Lowery birthdays
*loves music and loves to dance---can even recognize piano and guitar
*loves trucks and cars--especially climbing up in RoRo's truck and pushing all the buttons
*talks ALL DAY LONG. i love it!
*loves to draw and use stickers
*LOVES football (or any sport with a ball) and I think he is going to love football season this year
*he has a toy lawnmower and wagon and loves to pretend he is mowing like daddy.
*he also loves to watch his daddy mow---every single time
*favorite fruit: strawberries
*loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, goldfish, raisins, pouches (the only way he eats vegetables), pimento cheese sandwiches, french fries, and ketchup...and bacon, lots of bacon
*LOVES donuts ("no-nuts") and chocolate and ice cream, but we try to monitor those pretty well
*still in size 4 diapers and size 5 night time diapers---not really interested in potty training yet, but does understand the concept of going on the potty and realizes when he goes to the bathroom in his diaper. I'm not rushing this AT ALL and kind of hopes he waits until next summer to want to potty train.
*his understanding of concepts and vocabulary is mind-blowing! He can say and understand so many things, which is so nice!
*celebrated his birthday with our best friends and close family--Daniel Tiger themed of course! He loved every minute of it!
*takes one nap a day--I lay him down at 12:30pm and he is usually asleep by 1:00pm. He will sleep anywhere from 1.5-2 hours on average. We put him down for bed at 7:30pm and he normally sleeps until roughly 7:30am.

Weight: 31 pounds (80th percentile)
Height: 35 ¾ inches (90th percentile)

My sweet boy, my mama heart can hardly believe you've been on this earth for TWO years. Boy, what an amazing two years they have been! You constantly amaze me and I am so proud of you! You are growing up before my eyes--last year you were a wobbly, gibberish-speaking baby and now you're a running and squealing and talking toddler! God made me to be your Mama and I will forever be humbled and grateful for the opportunity. You are one amazing little boy and my heart could just burst with love for you! Here's to year THREE---happy birthday little man!

love, Mama

Photo Dump:
swimming lessons with daddy

he did a great job!

enjoying our pool in the backyard

swimming lessons with our best friend Lorna

sweet kisses for sister

happy father's day!

he loves his daddy!

helping sister during playtime

soaking in snuggles with my big boy while sister naps

life is never dull

helping RoRo answer phones at his office

such a big boy!

family reunion with cousin Katie Jo

such a ham!

banana popsicles on a hot day

exploring our new tent for our beach trip

hanging with Aunt Kimberly

bubbles. clothes optional.

snoozing and rocking the shades

love being their mama!

sweet friends

Saturday morning waffles


love that smile

"Hold it"

mowing with daddy's shoes

sink bath!

Daniel Tiger birthday party

Hi Neighbor!

Yummy cupcakes

his favorite present--a truck!

 blowing out the candle

dig in!

Lorna came to help us celebrate

happy birthday to you!

our handsome two year old!

thankful for our Johnson fam!

more truck time

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