Monday, February 22, 2016

Baby Lowery #2: 28 Weeks

3rd trimester.

Wowza! It just completely snuck up on me. All of a sudden here we are with 12 weeks (or less) to go until our sweet little Evie makes her arrival and we become a family of four. My planner-self is freaking out because I'm not anywhere near ready--but I did go to Rhea Lana's last weekend and I bought a BEAUTIFUL white Jenny Lind crib for a STEAL (those things retail for $400 and up, so no way could we afford one at full price) and I couldn't be more excited about it! Definitely not what I was initially planning but now I can't imagine anything different. Since Holt's crib is convertible (even though we don't have any of the parts to convert it) we plan to just take the front off and make it a toddler bed once he is ready. But no rush there! My mom and I shopped at Rhea Lana's for six hours and we were exhausted, but found some amazing deals---I got Holt completely outfitted with clothes and shoes to last into the fall, and of course we bought Evie some clothes and shoes too (some for this summer, but most for next spring and summer). It was so much fun! Now to get everything washed and organized!

The week leading up to heading to Conway for Rhea Lana's, Holt had an ear infection and started antibiotics and I got a sinus infection and had to start antibiotics. Having a sinus infection while pregnant is no fun--I couldn't sleep well because I couldn't breathe and I had headaches from all the pressure. Blah. Thankfully, we are both all better and back to ourselves.

Last Thursday, I had my glucose test (yuck) and even though I am not showing any signs of having gestational diabetes, my numbers were just a tad high. The limit they set is 135 and my number was 147. So, I have to go take the 3-hour glucose test tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'm kind of bummed about it. I cannot eat or drink anything after midnight tonight or all throughout the test tomorrow. Pray for strength and stamina for me and also for me to pass the test! Other than that, baby girl checked out great last week---heart rate was good, she's is measuring on target, and we are just trucking right along.

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days
Stretch Marks: None--yay!
Sleep: Awful while I had the sinus infection, but back to normal now!
Food cravings: Donuts. Y'all. I could eat multiple donuts on a daily basis. Yum!
Food Aversions: Not necessarily aversions to anything in particular, more just that sometimes I don't feel like eating. Especially at lunch.
Looking forward to: Getting organized and ready for Evie's arrival!

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