Sunday, June 29, 2014

33 Weeks

JUST realized I wrote "34 weeks" instead of 33---PREGNANCY BRAIN!

I feel like I was just 30 weeks last Thursday--NOT 3 Thursdays ago! Quite a bit has happened in the past 3 weeks. I had a doctor's appointment on June 12 (31 weeks). At that point, little man had turned to the transverse (his head on my right and his legs and bum on the left) so we were excited for a little progress! I go back next Thursday and we get to have another ultrasound (yay) to recheck his spine and heart and other organs and also to see if he has turned head down. If he hasn't, then we will start discussing the options with my doctor. Not to say that he couldn't turn between now and D-Day, but it will just prepare us for other scenarios that could happen. Please pray for the Lord's will to be done and for Daniel and I to have peace. If I had a choice, I would opt for him to be head down and have a natural delivery, but I have to trust that if that is not what is best for Holt then it doesn't need to happen that way.

On June 14th, Daniel and I went to our Childbirth Class. Wow we learned a lot! I was pleased to discover I knew the majority of the information they provided about labor and the delivery (thanks to my momma being an OB/GYN nurse) but I definitely feel more prepared for what to expect during our time at the hospital! Plus we got to take a tour of the labor and delivery wing and see the nursery with all the new little babies---so hard to believe that will be us in just a few short weeks!

The next week was utterly exhausting---really good, but boy was this momma tired. We celebrated Daniel's first Father's Day (not to brag, but best gift ever--we get to see Straight No Chaser in concert this October!) and we had VBS at our church Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 12 NOON. It was a fantastic VBS week--I helped with the 5th grade and taught the Bible Story to the girls. PLUS, Daniel celebrated his 27th birthday on the 18th and we had our 4-year wedding anniversary on the 19th. But we weren't done yet! We also had our last 2 baby showers--one on Saturday, the 21st, in Conway and the other on Sunday, the 22nd, here in Fort Smith. They were both incredible and so much fun--and it was immensely humbling to receive so many things for our sweet boy! We are so thankful for each and every one of you!

Like I said, wonderful and fun things going on, but 7 days in a row is a bit much! Daniel and I joke that our lives are actually going to slow down once we have a baby!

So, that brings us to 33 weeks---Holt could be here in as little as 4 weeks or as many as 7 weeks. Oh.My.Word. That just kind of blows your mind a little bit! There is still so much to be done! Time to start doing baby laundry and organizing the nursery--his bedding should be finished in the next week or two and we get our rocking chair next Tuesday! I cannot wait for y'all to see his nursery once it's finished. :)

How far along: 33 weeks
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Slowly starting to get more uncomfortable. My back gets really stiff. But when I am asleep, I sleep like a rock.
Best moment this week: Both of the baby showers!
Miss anything: My own T-shirts. I really didn't think I would miss fitting in my own clothes, but it happened.
Movement: Oh Yeah! And a lot of times it tickles, so I just start giggling uncontrollably. :)
Food cravings: Lays BBQ chips---I could seriously eat the entire bag in one sitting.
Food aversions: None
Labor signs: still sporadic Braxton-Hicks
Belly button in/out: In! It's just completely flattened out.
Rings on/off: On
Happy or Moody: Happy
Looking forward to: Assembling the nursery!
Baby development this week: Holt is the size of a pineapple--over 17 inches long and about 4 pounds or so. He is steadily gaining baby fat and his skeleton is hardening. He officially takes up more room than the amniotic fluid and his immune system is really starting to strengthen up.

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