Sunday, June 8, 2014

30 Weeks

Happy 30 Weeks to me! How are we already this far along in this pregnancy? Little Man is seriously going to be here before I can blink. (Sorry for the picture being a little blurry) Can I just say, I think it's funny that I THOUGHT I had a bump at 22 weeks---let's flash back to that pic shall we?

Yeah. Case in point. And I have 10 MORE WEEKS to grow. Awesome. 

Anywho, I was a slacker last week because my weekend was reminiscent of a chicken running around with it's head cut off. Extremely fun, but also extremely tiring for this preggo lady. Let's recap 29 weeks pregnant (and no, I don't have a chalkboard picture...again, slacker). We drove down to Conway for Hannah and Kirby's after-the-wedding reception on Friday, we had a Family Reunion with my dad's side on Saturday, drove back for church on Sunday AND my super-talented cousin took some maternity pictures for us, had a crazy week full of fun things including gearing up for VBS, transforming the dresser for Holt's room, and going up to Fayetteville with my sister looking for apartments for her and Kirby to move into! That's right, my sis and new bro-in-law will only live 45 minutes from us!

Here are a couple of the maternity shots my cousin took... IN. LOVE.

One of my good friends came over and helped me sand and paint his dresser. I decided to use chalk paint (SO much less work) and then got some new knobs to make it look like a completely new dresser! For some reason I can't load the before picture, but it was dark wood and the drawers were covered in stickers (my sweet little niece had a sticker field day with it a couple of years ago). Check out the before and after on my instagram page (link here).

The transformed dresser---not sure why I can't show you the before, but imagine dark wood and LOTS of stickers.

Then, I blink and here I am turning the big 3-0 weeks pregnant. A little surreal. I'm honestly jumping for joy, but at the same time starting to get a little apprehensive. I think it's just the unknown. The closer it gets, the more I realize how much I still have to do before he gets here and "will I get it done in time?", and "what in the heck are labor pains going to be like, because so far these Braxton-Hicks contractions are NOT that comfortable?", and "man, I love being pregnant, but I am starting to miss my flat stomach" and "OH MY GOSH I'm going to have a baby in anywhere from 7-10 weeks!" Don't get me wrong, I truly am getting really excited to meet this sweet boy and see his face and discover what he looks like and figure out his little personality and all those other joys we get to discover as parents. I'm also just being honest about the apprehensiveness of being a first-time mom and not knowing what to expect. 

I celebrated turning 30 weeks with Holt's first baby shower yesterday! (Pics to come) The sweet ladies at our church gave us the most beautiful shower--delicious food, great fellowship and baby advice, and of course lots of love and goodies for our little man. I'm so thankful my mom was able to come up and experience that "first" with me! We have a couple more showers later this month and we are going to Childbirth Class next Saturday and then July hits and I'l get to spend time nesting and preparing everything for when he gets here. Time truly is going to fly. 

On to business:

How far along: 30 weeks 3 days
Stretch marks: ZERO 
Sleep: Still going relatively well. When I am asleep, I sleep really hard--I don't even wake up when he's moving and rolling around in there. But then there are nights, like lately, where my right hip has been giving me problems again. It gets really stiff, which is probably exacerbated by having to sleep on my side, and wakes me up often. And randomly, last Thursday night, Daniel and I were both awake around 2:30 AM and Holt was moving everywhere--it was really special because it was the most that Daniel has felt him move in a short time span. 
Best moment this week: Holt's shower yesterday
Miss anything: My flat stomach. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and this experience has been wonderful, but I am starting to see why women get tired of being pregnant towards the end. 
Movement: Lots and Lots! I can tell it's getting more crowded in there though--the kicks are dying down a bit and it's more just poking limbs and his head and his back out everywhere. I am soaking up every minute. 
Food cravings: Nothing lately that really stands out. I still love anything sour!
Food aversions: None
Labor signs: Braxton-Hicks contractions. They are very sporadic and irregular though.
Belly button In/Out: In! And I think it's going to stay that way. The past week or so, it has started to just get completely flat. 
Rings On/Off: On
Happy/Moody: Happy
Looking forward to: Upcoming showers and continuing work on the nursery! The crib is put together, the dresser is done, I have ordered the rocking chair, and the curtains and bedding are getting made as we speak! 
Baby development this week: Holt is the size of a butternut squash-- roughly 16 inches or so long and weighs about 3 pounds. This week his eyesight is developing more--he will have 20/400 vision when he is born (adults have 20/20 vision) so he will only be able to make out objects a few inches from his face. 

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