Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Place Like Home

There truly is no place like home! This past weekend, my hubby traveled to Washington D.C. (he is an intern this year at our church, so our associate pastor and one of our elders took them to the 9Marks conference at Mark Dever's church on Capitol Hill). Once we found out when he was going, my parents felt sorry for me to be home by myself for 5 days and decided to fly me home! :) Sweet of them right?! Equally sweet, my boss let me off work Friday so I could fly out Thursday night.

Friday morning, Mom and I headed to Mimi's house where she got up early to cook me my favorite pancakes (blueberry w/ granola sprinkled in) and bacon. Then we headed to Gran's house to spend time with her and my aunt Virgie before we played Bunko with the rest of my mom's Bunko group. I have the sweetest grandmother's ever! Friday night, Hannah came over and us girls had a sleepover---watching girl shows like "I Found the Gown" and eating brownies. :) I love Girl Time!!

Saturday morning, mom and dad and I headed up to Fayetteville to support our Razorbacks as they took on Alabama. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good game, but it was fun to be back up there and enjoy the atmosphere and time with my family.

Sunday came way too fast, and all too soon I found myself back at the airport headed to Louisville. I'm back in my apartment safe and sound, but I'm ready for my husband to be back home, and I'm even more ready for it to be time for holidays so we can go back home together. Even after being in Louisville for 15 months, in my heart, Arkansas is still home.

Thanks mom and dad! It was a great weekend!