Monday, August 22, 2011

Our "first-vacation-since-being-married" Family Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we had our "first-family-vacay-since-being-married" vacation. We joined my mom, dad, sister, and her friend in Seagrove, FL for a week of fun and relaxation. [My family has taken an annual beach vacation since I was 2 and this was Daniel's first time to experience it]. We had a fantastic time! The weather there was absolutely perfect...sunny in the morning, short rain shower about lunch time, and then more sunshine for the afternoon. We did all sorts of fun things like suntanning, reading, sand sculpting, boogie-boarding, and even kayaking. We also ate at some great places for dinner-- stuffing our faces with fried seafood, grilled seafood, raw name it, we probably ate it! It was a great time to be with family and take time out of our busy lives to rest and recharge. I miss it already!

"Go Hogs"... our Razorback sand sculpture. Not that we are proud to be Razorback fans or anything

Me and my handsome man before dinner one night

My beautiful family

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