Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Holt: 18 Months

A YEAR AND A HALF. How??? I swear he just turned a year old last week.

So far for me, the 2nd year with him has gone WAY faster than the 1st year. He's so interactive and his personality is just bursting out and he is just so FUN.

Happenings in the last 3 months:

*We celebrated his 2nd Thanksgiving! We trade off between families every year and this year was Daniel's family's turn! We drove up to Fayetteville for the day and feasted on lots of yummy food and Holt had a BLAST playing with some of his cousins.

*The day after Thanksgiving, we were able to take Holt to the Razorback game. It was really his second game to go to, but considering he was 3 months old the first time, this is the first one that really counted. Of course, it was raining and really cold, so we only stayed for the first half. Luckily, our seats were under an overhang so we didn't get wet, and Holt LOVED watching a football game live. Fun time making memories!

*Around the first of December, we took Holt to get his first haircut. It was past time--the poor child kept getting called a girl everywhere we went. Somewhat of a compliment I guess, but nevertheless we found someone to cut his hair. He was absolutely traumatized by the event---I'm talking heaving sobs and crocodile tears the WHOLE time. Bless his heart (and mine too). Thankfully, the girl did an amazing job and was super fast--start to finish she only took maybe 10 minutes. He looked so grown up when she was done---my baby was completely gone and replaced by a little man!

during and after

*Two days before Christmas, we found out Holt's sibling is a GIRL! You can read all the details about it HERE

*We celebrated Holt's 2nd Christmas---and oh my goodness. It was probably the most exhausting week ever (thanks to being pregnant) but it was also super duper fun. Our families only live about 40 minutes apart, so we get to see EVERYONE for the holidays. I absolutely love it. Holt was more interactive this year and was able to play more with his cousins, which he thoroughly enjoyed! My photographer aunt also shot some ADORABLE photos of our little man and I am completely smitten with them.

*Right after New Year's, Daniel and I had the opportunity to go to Colorado with some of my family. My parents kept Holt for us so we didn't have to drive 15 hours with a toddler (praises) and we had a wonderful time! Daniel skied while I stayed in the condo and went exploring with my grandparents. Daniel was in his element let me tell you---he loves the mountains like I love the beach.

*After Colorado, I started Holt at Mother's Day Out at our church. He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM-2PM. I am really excited for him to be in MDO, but that didn't stop me from crying after I dropped him off the first day. {Thank you pregnancy hormones.} He has done really well with the exception of naps---so far, he has only slept a maximum of 20 minutes (NOT enough). I am not sure what their routine for naps is, but Holt is the child who if there is any kind of distraction going on, he does not want to miss out, so he will force himself to stay awake. So, we are praying that he becomes adjusted enough to start taking naps there because that makes afternoons a little rough on those days.

*He is starting to mimic things we do---he likes to take the broom and "sweep" the floors, he throws trash away, he likes to watch and help us cook (especially stirring things), he "helps" us unload the dishwasher and transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. He also helps pick up his toys before his nap and before bed (most days). Doing our best to teach and train him up from a young age! It is so important to us to teach our kids that they help out around the house because they are part of our family---not to mention, eventually it will be a HUGE help not to have to do everything ourselves. 

*He also talks non-stop and I feel like he picks up new words every single day. Some (I can't remember all) of the words he says: please, thank you, Daddy, Mama, Sophie (our dog), RoRo, Melly, GiGi, (aunt) Hannah, Poppa, stuck, no, yes, uh-oh, paci, snack, waffle, cheerios, Bible, nose, eyes, teeth,
and baby. He knows lots of animals and their sounds too including: dog, cat, cow, duck, rooster, fish and sheep.

*Within a span of about 2 weeks (right around Christmas of course), he got his other top 2 teeth, his other top 2 bottom, AND all 4 molars broke at least one of the corners. Considering our history with cutting teeth, I was so excited he got so many at once!

*He went down to one nap a day starting the week before Christmas (16 months). He usually wakes between 7-7:30AM and takes a nap from 11:30-1:30PM and then we put him to bed at 7PM. It's a WONDERFUL routine. 

*still in size 4 diapers (size 5 pampers baby dry at night)

*He now DREADS going to the doctor's office. He is old enough to remember shots and he starts crying once we walk back to get weighed. It absolutely breaks my heart. However he had his last shot until he is 4 years old--happy dance! Hopefully when little sister gets here and we go only for her, it will help him become more accustomed and not be so fearful.

Weight: 28 lbs 10 oz (90th percentile)
Height: 33 ¾ inches (85th percentile)

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