Sunday, March 6, 2016

Baby Lowery #2: 30 Weeks

The big 3-0! It's kind of surreal to be at this point in pregnancy. It's like all of a sudden, WHAM! It hits you just how close you are to holding that precious new baby in your arms---and you also realize how much you still have left to get done before D-Day. Yikes!

I've started getting my rear in gear the past couple of weeks because ready or not, Baby Girl will be here SOON! I bought her crib at Rhea Lana's (oh my goodness I'm in love) and we ordered her bedding last week! My parents are gifting it to us and I absolutely can't wait to see it all put together. We ordered it from Caden Lane (which I actually found on Pinterest) and ended up getting the dust ruffle, crib sheet, and blanket pictured below. We are having a different bumper made because I wasn't crazy about the one they paired with it. I chose the turquoise and coral theme because the colors complement what is already in the nursery (since she and Holt are sharing a room) and I love how feminine the floral pattern and ruffles are! Above her crib, we are going to order a large, 30 inch wooden "E" (off Etsy) and then I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby and find some coordinating flowers to hot glue on it. I'll be sure to post pictures of everything once it's all put together!

Evie's crib! 


I've also started washing the clothes I've gotten for her and hope to have those hanging in the closet within the next few days. THAT really makes it real to see those little clothes hanging up! Goodness having a girl is such FUN! Washing all the little dresses and leggings and all the frills and cute little prints. Yesterday, as I was sorting out Evie's clothes, Holt was watching and kept saying "clothes." So I said, "yes these are Evie's clothes" and he quickly responded with "Evie!" MELT. MY. HEART. Now he just goes around and says "Evie, Evie, Evie"---I can't even imagine once she is here, how my heart will just burst to see Holt with her. 

On a different note, after my last doctor's appointment, I ended up having to go back for a 3-hour glucose test (yuck). My levels were just a TAD high (my number was 147 and they don't want it above 135) so they wanted to double check. Luckily, I passed! Yay! I go back this week for another checkup and after that, I start going every two weeks. 

I've been having some Braxton-Hicks off and on--nothing regular on a daily basis, but they seem to increase when I workout, especially when walking. Baby Girl has also been stretching a lot more--I guess she is starting to run out of room in there! It's been a fun game to try to guess which body part she has sticking out. Haha! I'm also carrying her lower than I did Holt, which is kind of nice because my ribs aren't taking a beating--yet!

How far along: 30 weeks
Maternity clothes: Yes and No. I try to work with what I have--leggings (and jeggings), dresses, fleece pullovers, maternity shirts. My tummy is starting to get too big to fit into my t shirts anymore so I guess I get to start borrowing the hubby's! Who would've thought I would be needing to wear short sleeves in February? No complaints here!
Sleep: Whew! Third trimester weariness has definitely set in! Last weekend, I took a 2-hour nap each day (Fri-Sun). It's getting to the point that if I don't nap when Holt does, I barely make it past 7 or 8 pm. It is somewhat discouraging for me to be SO exhausted because I feel like it's harder for me to keep up with everything around the house, but my husband gently reminds me that this is normal and it's best for Evie and me that I rest when I need to. Nighttime sleep has been AMAZING too.
Food cravings: Donuts still. YUM! Other than that, nothing really sounds good most of the time, so I'm still just kind of eating because I have to. Maybe that's a good thing--it's helping me with not gaining a lot of weight!
Food aversions: None right now. Sometimes it's just that in the moment, something in particular doesn't sound good.
Movement: She has some days where she is WAY more active lately! Mostly just stretching and poking out her back or a knee or something like that. Nothing painful (yet) and she isn't up in my ribs like Holt was. I thank God for every single kick and stretch though!

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