Monday, March 9, 2015

Holt: 7 Months

Another month has come and gone---and what a month it was! Several firsts happened this month:

*Holt saw his first snow (we had 3 storm systems come through in 2 weeks)! He was real tentative and not quite sure what to think about it :)

* Holt and I traveled to Conway to stay with my parents for 5 days. It was so much fun to spend quality time with family and to see some of my best friends and introduce them to Holt! It snowed while we were there too, so we didn't get out as much as we wanted, but it was kind of nice to be stuck at home and relax. I got some great photos of our time with them:

*Holt started crawling! He crawled for the first time at my parents house---I wish I could post videos on here without YouTube or whatever you have to use, but it is so hilarious when he crawls because he gets so excited and starts snorting. Since we have been back home, he crawls some days and others he doesn't. So, we will see how mobile he becomes over the next month.

*He got his first really high fever :( Hurt this momma's heart so much! Over 2 days, he started sleeping SO MUCH. The first day, he took (3) 2 hour naps and the second day, he took a 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour nap. At first I thought it was just a growth spurt or teething or both. But on the second day, he started being lethargic and after his 3 hour nap, he had a temperature of 102.3 (rectally---THAT was fun) and literally just laid on me. I stripped him down to his diaper, rubbed lavender and peppermint oils on his back, chest, and feet and gave him Tylenol. Then I called the pediatrician and they told me to keep that up and come in the next day. All of that happened about 5:30pm. Daniel got home from work and we took turns snuggling him. By 7:00pm, his fever was down to 100 and he was talking and laughing with Daniel on the floor. I was so relieved! The next morning, he was fever free, but we went to the doctor anyway and he checked out fine! I got some adorable, heart-melting photos of Daniel and Holt when he started feeling a little better:

*The biggest story this month was we officially nursed for the last time. I have been very emotional, but  I feel at peace with the decision. It has been somewhat of a slow process---really ever since December we have been supplementing and over time my supply has slowly dried up, which resulted in transitioning over to bottle feedings. At 6.5 months, I was only nursing first thing in the morning. While we were at my parent's house, over the course of about 3 mornings I noticed he really wasn't getting anything at all. At that point, I knew it was time. I cried and was emotional for several days, but on the positive side, I get to have dairy again! Cheese has never tasted so good, let me tell you! I decided I needed pizza to make myself feel better. :) 

*We also started solids this month! I am documenting our solids journey with Baby-Led Feeding. You can read the first post here and you can read all the other posts by clicking on the "baby-led feeding" label found over to the left of the screen. 

Weight: 14 lbs. 14 oz. (3rd percentile)
Height: 27 inches (50th percentile)

Favorites: *momma and daddy *the color red *eating (bottles and solids) *his crib *talking, laughing, cooing *dogs (especially Sophie and JoJo) *paci
Milestones: *sitting up---he totters every now and then, but has learned to stick his arm out and catch himself *crawling *talking with more consonant sounds--still no "mama" or "dada" though *teething--still no teeth *starting solids 

Sleep: Sleep has been a bit more challenging this month. Early in the month, he woke up 3 times a night---I think part of it was he was working on crawling, but also I think he started having nightmares because he would wake up really scared and his heart just racing. It broke my heart! He calmed down as soon as one of us picked him up and cuddled him though. After he crawled, and he has eaten more solids, he started sleeping 12 hours at night (7pm-7am)---GLORIOUS! He might wake up every now and then and talk to himself and crawl around the crib, but he always puts himself back to sleep. YAY! We have also had wonderful progress at nap time where he has consistently put himself to sleep. Somedays he takes 2 naps, sometimes 3. It just depends. 

Feeding: He has a bottle every 4 hours, so we are down to 4 feedings a day. We start the day with a 6-7 oz. bottle, the next two bottles are 6 oz., and the nighttime bottle is 8 oz. And, as mentioned above, we started solids! The first food we gave him was avocado. He has also tried: green beans, broccoli, zucchini, bell pepper, sweet potato, sweet pea puree, carrot puree, and green bean puree. He isn't much of a fan of broccoli, he likes bell pepper but more because it feels good on his gums, and he LOVES everything else. He especially likes sweet potato and zucchini. Next month, I plan to introduce fruits, peanut butter, and maybe eggs. *side note--have you seen the new research about peanut butter? If you introduce it between 4-11 months, there is an 86% drop in the chance your child could have an allergy. Of course, if an allergy runs in your family, be cautious, but doesn't that make so much sense? I always thought it was crazy to wait til 1 year to introduce certain foods and this validates it! Be sure to follow along on our BLF journey! 

And just a few more pictures to leave you with:

Our little valentine

so proud of himself for crawling

we both love when daddy is home

chubby bunny hahaha

those dimples...

just trying on daddy's shoes

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