Sunday, August 19, 2012

Florida 2012

I NEVER tire of this view. EVER. The beach is unquestionably my favorite place on earth. Praise the Lord my parents take us every year. :) This year was our second time to go since we have been married and I'm not quite sure who was more excited about going--me or Daniel. We had such a wonderful time! Of course it went by WAY too fast---I feel like I blinked and the week was completely over! We got some much needed "recharging" time with mom and dad and Hannah, ate some great food, watched the Olympics while eating cake and ice cream (like every night), enjoyed the sand and the ocean, and OH YEAH...and we had a flat tire! Apparently, it's our goal to do something every year to make it more memorable---last year Daniel lost his wedding ring in the ocean (and by a miracle, found it) and this year we had to get a new tire. Lol. Things happen. All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic week and we can't wait til next year!

Here is some documentation of the memories we made :)

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