Tuesday, February 25, 2014

House Remodel

Here it is. The post you (and I) have all been waiting for! I FINALLY found my computer cord for my camera, so I immediately set to work creating this post. We absolutely love our house...now. Beforehand, not so much. But, thanks to many people, it has become a home. So without further ado:

Background story: We looked at this house last November. It was a foreclosure listing, which I was kind of skeptical about since those typically have some serious issues, but we decided to have a look anyway. We pulled into our neighborhood and I was immediately impressed. The location is fantastic and the houses in the area are relatively new and in great condition--very family friendly. We walk in to the house and I instantly think I have walked in to a Mexican restaurant ( I promise you'll agree). But aside from needing new paint, some shower work in the Master, new carpet, and some issues with the fence, everything else was in great condition. The light fixtures were really nice, no issues structurally, nothing wrong with plumbing or electrical, it had a split floor plan with an open living and kitchen area. And the kitchen. Oh. My. Lots of cabinets, an island, AND a pantry. We really liked this house. We went home, discussed everything with our parents, ran some numbers, and just prayed. For a week. The next weekend, my parents drove up to check it out (my mom grew up with her dad as a home builder and my dad has been around carpentry and home remodel his entire life) and they instantly loved it as well. A few days later our Realtor called telling us the bank holding the house had just dropped the price $18,000! If we wanted it, we needed to make an offer now. So, we had our Realtor draw up an offer on a Saturday and by Monday afternoon they accepted. Whoa! We are gonna be homeowners!  We closed on January 6, 2014 and we started the remodel work January 8th. We had the entire house repainted, got new carpet put in the bedrooms, tore out the existing master shower and had it tiled (which I LOVE), and we had the kitchen island re-tiled with granite tile. Plus, Daniel and some of the guys in my family built part of the fence with a gate. We moved in on February 1st and we absolutely love it! OK--I won't make you wait any longer!


Master Bedroom BEFORE

Master Bedroom AFTER

Master Bathroom--BEFORE (and yes, the closet wraps all the way behind the shower. A-MAZING)

Master Bathroom--AFTER

Living Room--BEFORE

Living Room--AFTER

Previous Island Countertop Tile

New Island Countertop Tile
Guest Bathroom--BEFORE

Guest Bathroom--AFTER
Nursery--BEFORE (Yes, that is purple carpet!)

Guest Bedroom-BEFORE (Red walls and black carpet)

Guest Bedroom--AFTER
Another view from the front door looking through the LR to the Kitchen (Remodeled)

There you have it! Pretty dramatic huh? We absolutely are in love with it now and feel so blessed that the Lord brought us this opportunity. There is no way we could have afforded a home like this without it being foreclosed and as always, the Lord's timing is perfect. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our home! 

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