Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Holt: 1 Month

Our littlest love turned one month old on September 7th. I know I'm repeating myself, but this has been the fastest, yet ironically the slowest month of my life.  Here is what all has been going on in our world:


  * We have effectively established a routine--yay!
* He has watched (well, slept through) his first Razorback game---Arkansas at Auburn. We lost unfortunately, but the first half was really good! Gotta start training 'em young!
* He had his first road trip--to Fayetteville to see his Aunt Hannah and Uncle Kirby. He LOVES car rides (we are really hoping it stays that way).
* We went to daddy's work and let him show Holt off to everyone last Thursday---our first big adventure out of the house to a public place.
* We went to the Growing Kids Consignment Sale (like Rhea Lana's)--our 2nd big public outing and momma bought some super cute outfits for fall!

Weight: We have a 10-pounder! I weighed myself with and without him, and he added a full 10 pounds to the scale! I think it's safe to say we are gonna have a big boy.
Length: Not 100% sure, but I'm going to guess 22 inches.

Milestones: *graduated to size 1 diapers when he was 6 days old  *graduated out of newborn size clothes when he was 2 weeks old  *he can hold his head up for several minutes in a row--mostly when he is up on your shoulder (still having a tougher time when on our tummy on the mat)  *he has longer awake times and loves to look in the mirror  *transitioned out of mom and dad's room to the crib at night

Sleep: So far, he sleeps very well! We officially moved him to his crib last Thursday (Sept. 4th) and he averages about 3.5 to 4 hours between feedings at night. Every now and he stretches it to 5 hours (and one night last week he made it 6!). Usually, he is in bed asleep between 10 and 11 pm, wakes up between 2 and 3 AM, and then gets wakes again between 6 and 7 AM. He goes back down after that and we officially start our day at 9 AM.

Favorite Things: *Bath/Shower Time---except when it's time to dry off. Then he gets cold and screams bloody murder  *Eating  *Playing on the playmat  *Listening to music  *Snuggling/Cuddling  *His paci  *Car rides  *Walks  *Looking in the mirror

Feeding: This kid eats LIKE.A.BOSS. Such a huge relief for me! I stressed over breastfeeding. It was extremely important to me to be successful---the benefits for both me and the baby are immeasurable. I read so many horror stories while pregnant about how hard it could be and so I became really anxious. However, we have been super successful since Day 1 and it is one of my absolute favorite things.

And of course I have to leave you with adorable photos of our little love...

my talented cousin took some newborn photos for us and made this adorable announcement!

Sophie takes her role as guard dog very seriously

Snuggle time with RoRo

Holt's first game day--WPS!

Our first day flying solo together

Visiting Daddy at work for the first time---he was so excited to show Holt off to everyone

This was our day on Saturday---not very fun, poor guy

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