Monday, March 20, 2017

Evie: 10 Months


Y'all. We are only two months shy of my precious girl turning one. I feel like time is just flying full speed ahead and there's nothing I can do do stop it!

BIG NEWS this month--she can have all dairy now! We have transitioned her to Enfagrow Formula which she is doing great with and plan to switch her to milk right before her first birthday. She can also eat yogurt and cheese now which is so nice!

It's been an eventful month for our family. If you've been following along, with my blog we listed our house for sale last November in hopes of moving into Fort Smith to be closer to our new church. Well, we SOLD it and officially signed the contract on Friday, March 10th! We are so excited and now we are praying for God to lead us to the next place he has for us. We really want to be smart with our finances and know that God already has the perfect place in mind for us.

*Aunt Hannah came down for a day and we took her to the park! It was Evie's first time in a swing and needless to say, she enjoyed herself. Both of the kids had a blast! We all love her so much and we are so glad she came down!

*We have had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather this last month! We never had much of a winter, which is fine by me, and the kids and I have been loving the outdoors!

*Sweet thing is teething her top teeth pretty hard core, bless her heart. Combine that with spring allergies, and she's had a little bit of a rough time the last couple of weeks.

*She wants to walk SO BAD. But she's still kind of tentative and nervous to actually take any steps on her own. That surprises me a little, but she will get there.

*This girl LOVES her brother! It doesn't matter what he does, she just thinks he hung the moon. Lately, their new thing is Holt "plays" the guitar and she just claps and claps for him. There has also been a few mornings where they'll spend 30 minutes just talking to each other from their cribs. One morning, I heard Holt tell her "Evie, you're so silly!" Melt. my. heart.

Weight: 16.5-17 pounds (complete guess since we don't have a scale)
Height: 27 inches (20th percentile)

Feeding: she LOVES food! And she really just wants to feed herself---independent little thing. She eats a scrambled egg for breakfast every morning, and has just about eaten everything we have put in front of her--chicken, beef, green peas, green beans, pancakes,waffles, muffins, noodles, black olives, carrots, corn, bananas, strawberries...anything! She is starting to refuse baby food altogether, except pouches, so we just basically feed her what we eat. She has significantly cut down on her bottles as well---she maybe drinks 16 oz a day. Mostly she drinks 3-4 oz at a time throughout the day. And YAY she can have dairy now! Our new formula is much cheaper too--PRAISES. Thankfully we only have a few more weeks of buying formula before we transition to whole milk. I'm trying to start implementing sippy cups and so far she does pretty well. Holt was completely off bottles at this point, so hopefully by next month she will be off them too.

Sleeping: She still does well sleeping all night (hallelujah) but she has been waking up pretty early--between 6 and 6:30am. It would be fine if she was happy when she wakes up, but instead she just cries until we come get her. Inevitably, this wakes up Holt, who would probably sleep til 7:30AM if he could, so its been a bit of an adjustment for everyone. I'm hoping this time change helps her start sleeping a little later! She takes 2 naps a day--a morning catnap at 9AM and a longer afternoon nap at 12:45/1:00PM. She does great with putting herself to sleep just like her brother.

Milestones: She can free stand for several seconds now! She also has started cruising a little around the couch and coffee table. Plus, she lOVES to hold someone's fingers and walk around the house. It won't be long before we have another walker in the house!


7AM  6 oz bottle (usually she drinks 4-5 oz of it)
8AM  breakfast--scrambled egg, muffin, waffle, etc
9AM--naptime (usually 30-45 min)
11/11:30AM  lunch--PB sandwich, ham, cheese, pouch, puffs, fruit, etc
12:30PM  bottle (usually takes 2-3 oz)
12:45/1PM  nap time
3:30PM snack
5PM  dinner--usually whatever we are having
6:30PM  bath, pjs, nighttime bottle (usually 3-4 oz)
7PM  bedtime

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