Sunday, April 30, 2017

Evie: 11 Months

In 30 days, our beautiful girl will be the big O-N-E! Time flies when you're having fun!

We remark all the time about just what a happy baby she is---unless she isn't getting her way LOL. Really the only time she cries is when she is either tired, hungry, or I walk out of a room. Or if she really wants to practice walking, but my back hurts so I have to put her down. She can definitely throw a fit ;)

This month we have just gone full speed ahead. She seems to understand things more and more everyday, but she isn't really saying any words. She can say "mama" and "dada" but other than that she just speaks gibberish 24/7 (thus why we nicknamed her our little Ewok).

She is a great eater and has finally started taking more of her formula! I'm excited because over this next month we will slowly wean her off formula and on to whole milk (hallelujah for no more money going to formula!). She eats pretty much anything we put in front of her and she gets pretty excited for her food. Lots of "oooo" and "ahhh" come from her when it's mealtime.

I STILL cannot get her to take sippy cups. I know she can, because she did it one time, but she flat out refuses. I've tried straw cups, the 360 cups, soft spout sippy cups, you name it. Talk about stubborn! I wonder where she gets that? ;) Oh well, one day she will decide to take them. She won't be on bottles forever.

One of my favorite things she does, is when she sees something she really likes or gets excited about, she just squeals and kicks her legs and says "oooooooo!!" She does this when she sees me or her daddy after being in nursery, or when she sees her bottle, or when she sees jewelry she likes, or when she gets to go to the nursery at church and sees the shiny stars hanging from the ceiling. It is the cutest thing! I hope she keeps that up for a long time!

We moved her to size 3 diapers this month. She could probably still fit in a size 2, but we have a bunch of size 3 from the pounding our church and for us last fall and I didn't really want to go buy size 2 diapers when I already had size 3 in the garage.

She learned how to wave this month.

We had a big Lowery Family birthday weekend in NWA and the kids LOVED it! They had so much fun with all their cousins! And of course, I failed and didn't take a big cousin pic with all 11 of them.

We dedicated Evie at church this month! She got to wear a "vintage" gown that my grandmother made for my cousin (who is now 20 years old) when she was a dedicated as a baby. It was so beautiful! Such a special day of dedicating her to our Lord and having the love and support of our church family.

Her two top teeth broke through her gums this month and are working their way down. I'm soaking  up these last few days when she still has a gummy smile because once those big teeth come down, her whole face will change and she won't be my tiny baby anymore.

We separated Evie and Holt into different rooms last week. I knew we would have to at some point, and lately Evie has been waking really early--usually about 6:30am or so. Holt needs more sleep, and it was causing him to be whiny and grouchy. Since separating them, they have both done better! Holt sleeps until about 8am (sometimes later) and actually a few different days, Evie slept until 7:30am! I think this will help with the transition to our new house too (see below).

Much to my surprise, she still isn't walking. She loves to walk while holding onto our fingers or cruise along the sofa or coffee table, but as soon as we let go she sits back down. She doesn't quite have the confidence to do it by herself yet. But she will! I think one day, she's just going to surprise us and take off!

We are in the process of moving right now. Back when Daniel got his new job in October, we decided to put our house on the market in hopes of moving closer--trying to cut down the 30 minute drive (one-way). Well, at the beginning of March we sold our house! We were so excited and immediately started looking for our new home. Long story short (don't worry, I'll do a separate post just on our house hunt journey), we FINALLY found a house about 10 days ago. Talk about crunch time! We are moving in this Saturday (April 22nd) and we have been super busy trying to get everything ready! Moving with kids is an entirely new experience and I am more than ready for it to be over!

Weight: 17 lbs (just a guess)
Height: 27 inches

Favorites: *her daddy--as soon as he gets home from work, she immediately goes to him and cries if he puts her down *Mother Goose Club on Netflix--if I absolutely HAVE to get something done around the house, I put this on for 30 minutes *trying to walk *eating--girlfriend loves her food *her brother---anything he does she thinks is hysterical

Milestones: *waving

Feeding: She loves food! Pretty much anything I put in front of her, she will at least try. She likes most of it, except for vegetables of course. Thank goodness for pouches! Our goal this month is to switch over to whole milk. Yay for no more formula!

Sleeping: Sleep is kind of up and down. She continues to sleep all night, with the exception of one night last week when she spiked a fever. Naps are hit and miss, but NORMALLY she sleeps about 30-45 minutes in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Some days though, she only takes (3) 30 minute naps. Especially with teething, it's been a little tougher. We did end up separating Evie and Holt this month. She wakes up really early--usually around 6:30am or so. Holt needs more sleep and needs to sleep until about 7:30/8am so we went ahead and split them into separate rooms. So far its working really well. We even had 3 days last week where Evie slept in until 7;30am!

Photo Dump:

First (of many) family trips to Lowe's

it's been rough teething this month

mama, daddy, and Evie date

first taste of spaghetti

Evie's dedication

3 generations

Melly and Evie

she wants to walk so bad! more fun in NWA

playing with magnets

big brother teaching her how to brush her teeth

my girl

Our sweet Evie-girl,

You light up every room you enter! You love to be around people and it still hurts your feelings when you're all alone. You aren't the best napper, but I' m hoping that changes once we get through these teeth and you conquer walking. You are a big cuddler, which we LOVE, and you think your brother absolutely hung the moon. We can't imagine our family without you sweet girl! Excited to see what these next 30 days hold!

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