Monday, May 11, 2015

Holt: 9 Months

I'm in denial. There is no way my baby is only 3 short months away from turning ONE. Why in the world does it go by so fast?

He is so much fun right now! He is such a little explorer and climber and is FEARLESS. One of the staff wives told me this week her daughter was the same way and to start praying for safety now…and to be prepared for some heart attacks in the future :)

Case in point. 

*Holt and I went to his first Arkansas Red/White Football Spring Game with my sister this month and he had a blast! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I may or may not have been daydreaming about going to watch Holt play in a Red/White game someday :)

*He is crawling at lightning speed and is pulling up on things constantly. One of the moms at church let us borrow a walker, which he LOVES, so he gets around that way too (and loves to chase Sophie in it).  We are inching ever closer to walking!

Pulling up to check out the dishwasher

Sophie hides in her crate when he is in the walker

so busy!

* He is such a happy baby. I know I say this every month, but he truly is just always happy. Don't get me wrong, he definitely has cranky moments (or days), but for the majority of the time, he babbles and laughs and smiles. Sometimes he just randomly gets the giggles and it is so contagious you can't help but laugh too. I'm excited to see how his little personality continues to develop.

stop it. He looks so grown up here!


obsessed with Sophie---she tolerates it. 

*A friend from church let us borrow an Amber teething necklace (thanks Beth!). I was super skeptical, but thought I'd give it a shot just to see. I kid you not, within 24 hours, Holt didn't drool AT ALL and it seemed like his pain was more under control. Every now and then I give him Ibuprofen if I can tell it's just hurting really bad, but not very often. (He still just has the one tooth by the way) It is blowing my mind that it actually works pretty well. I wasn't going to let him sleep in it, but the first night I completely forgot to take it off and he did just fine. So now he wears it 24/7 and never messes with it at all.

*He started saying "dada". He just goes around all the time "dadadadadada"---it makes Daniel pretty happy to hear it, even though I don't think he has connected the word as "dad". He says "mama" every now and then. For a good two weeks he said it at least once a day, mostly when he was mad or upset though, but now that's gone extinct and is replaced with "dada dada". I still get to claim it as his first word though!

*Daniel and I went to the dentist earlier this month and I asked about fluoride drops for Holt. Our drinking water doesn't have fluoride, so I wanted to supplement it in some way because I know it is such an essential nutrient for strong teeth. They called us in a prescription to the pharmacy and it's a peach flavored liquid that I put in his nighttime bottle. You can start using them in babies 6 months and older, so if you know your water doesn't have fluoride, check with your dentist!

Weight: 18 lbs. (20th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (50th percentile)

Favorites: *Sophie *Mama (he likes daddy too, but he's pretty attached to me) *paci *Puffs *eating in general *playdates---he absolutely LOVES playing with other kids *exploring *looking out the window

Milestones: *pulling up on EVERYTHING *starting to learn how to open drawers (yay) *says "dada" for everything, but it makes Daniel pretty happy ;p *says "mama"---but only when he's frustrated or upset (but I'll take it!) *celebrated my 1st Mother's Day with Holt outside the womb *graduated to Size 3 diapers

Sleep: I'm kind of in awe at how wonderful of a sleeper he is. (that makes me nervous for our next kid! lol) More often than not he is in bed BEFORE 7pm (usually between 630-645) and sleeps until about 7 the next morning. He also slept through all the thunderstorms we have had recently---definitely gets that from me! He takes 2 naps a day---one around 9AM and the other around 1PM. Sometimes, he just takes little 15-20 minute catnaps and then is good to go for the next 2 hours---he gets that from his RoRo (my dad).

Feeding: My child eats like a champ! He eats pretty much anything and everything---he even ate salmon last week! Holt also goes through Puffs like they are going out of style (any other moms feel me on that?) and I've also been feeding him dairy/gluten free frozen waffles spread with either applesauce or peanut butter. He essentially eats 2 big meals a day (sometimes 3, it just depends), some snacks, and then 3 bottles a day with 7-8 ounces each.

*Milk allergy update: The doctor told us to wait to closer to a year to try milk products. My plan is probably around 11 months or so, give him some whole milk and just see how he takes it.

one of my favorite pictures of all-time

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