Monday, May 4, 2015

Taking a Risk

I am not a risk-taker.

I'm an oldest child. I'm a rule follower. I like to stick to the same thing on the menu because I know I like it.

I DON'T like to put myself out there and risk rejection.  I am very fearful of taking risks because I am terrified  afraid they won't work out.

"But God has not called us to a spirit of fear and timidity, but one of power and love and self-control." 2 Timothy 1:7

Whoa. I am not meant to be fearful! He has called me to have a spirit of power and love and self control. That being said, I feel like God is telling me to take a risk. As a single-income family, we make sacrifices for me to stay home with Holt and any other children we are blessed with in the future. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I treasure my opportunity to stay home, but I have felt God nudging me share with you that….. after much prayer, consideration, and discussion I have decided to sell canvases and door hangers. I LOVE to be creative---painting canvases is like therapy for me. Painting scripture or encouraging quotes that I know will be in someone's home brings me so much joy! It is my hope to use my talents to encourage the mom who has had a hard day; to remind a child how much God loves them; to inspire a married couple to never forget their covenant between each other and Christ; to brighten up a home.

nursery decor

If you or someone you know would like to purchase a canvas for your home (or as a gift for someone), please let me know! Perfect decor for any room in your home---an inspirational verse or quote for your child's room or something special to commemorate your wedding day; a life verse that you would want to have as a constant reminder in your home; a seasonal door hanger to spruce up the front of your home or maybe one to show your support of the Razorbacks or any other sports team! The possibilities are endless!

Here are some examples of previous work I have done:

wedding gift
Girl's room decor

my wedding vows

my wedding vows

baby girl gift

wedding gift

home decor
Girl's Room decor

door hanger

I have also done some work as hostess gifts for baby or wedding showers as well as a few chalkboards for my sister's wedding last May. These are so fun and unique---they can be catered to any theme, color scheme, specific hashtag (for social media purposes), etc. Here are some examples:

hostess gift
hostess gift

hostess gift

Chalkboard for the wedding reception

Chalkboard for wedding ceremony

Chalkboard for wedding ceremony

Chalkboard for wedding reception

Chalkboard for wedding reception table

Taking a risk is scary. But we can't live in fear----we have to follow our dreams! My dream is to share God's truth in people's homes; for people to have a beautiful piece of the written Word or an inspirational quote to lift them up on a cloudy day; to show off your personality and uniqueness at a wedding or fun event; to use my gift for His glory. I created a Facebook page---check it out HERE---and an instagram page---check it out HERE----I'll use those to showcase new pieces!

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact me! My email is: Email me and I would love to give you more info including pricing information.

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