Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Zoo Day

We have never taken Holt to the zoo. *shameful I know* So, since last weekend was basically the PERFECT weather weekend, we kidnapped our best friends and took them along for our quick getaway to the Tulsa Zoo.

The Tulsa Zoo is only about 1.5 hour drive or so and admission is very reasonable! It was $10 for adults and kids under age 3 got in free. *score* So we packed ourselves a picnic lunch and plenty of snacks, made a quick pit stop for donuts (obviously) and headed that way! We arrived about 10AM, which ended up being perfect. It wasn't too crowded yet, still a little chill in the air from the cooler temps the previous night, and it gave us a couple of hours to explore until the littles started asking for lunch.

Holt really seemed to enjoy it! And of course he loved it all the more because his best friends, Lorna and Letty, were there too. Even though Holt loved the animals, I'm pretty sure his favorite thing was playing at the park inside the zoo. So, basically we paid $20 to play at the park with a few elephants and giraffe sightings sprinkled in, but hey it was worth it.

Evie was a trooper! She rode in the stroller quite a bit and even took a little snooze snuggled up next to me in the Baby K'Tan wrap. Eventually, once it got past nap time, both kids started getting cranky and whiny and it was definitely time to hit the road. But I consider it a huge win that we made it about 4 hours with a two year old and a 5-month old.

Overall, it was a super fun experience (made even more fun because our bestest friends came with) and I would love to go back! Maybe next year!

And now the moment we've all been waiting for, the photo dump:

"no-nuts" with our friend Lorna

my boys

so excited to see the animals!

petting goats and sheep in the children's zoo

daddy showing him the razorback---woo pig sooie

the kiddos were enthralled with the "baby horse" 

family photo-op

brother and sister 

poor kid needed a break...and was WAY past nap time

model pose

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