Friday, August 7, 2015

Holt: 12 Months

The day has arrived. My baby is a whole year old. 365 days and 8,766 hours of life on this earth.

It has been a sleepless (somewhat), worrisome, chaotic, crazy, wonderful, blissful, joyful year.  A few weeks ago I wrote a post about 12 lessons I've learned in the last 12 months of motherhood---check that out here if you missed it!

*This month, we took him to the beach for the first time and to say he loved it is an understatement! He loved the saltwater, he loved the sand, he loved the food, he loved having all the family around to play with him---it was absolutely wonderful! I wrote a whole blog post detailing our week down there---read all about it here

beach baby

*About 2 days after we got back from our beach trip, Holt decided to start walking! I know he is way more mobile and it will require me to watch him more carefully, but I honestly love it! It's so much fun to have him toddle around.

*The weekend after we got back, my in-laws came up and took us to ride on the train from Van Buren to Winslow. Holt did pretty well and the scenery was beautiful! The next day we headed up to Fayetteville for the day and Holt got to play in the pool with his cousins! He had a blast playing with all of them!

Holt's 1st train ride

Looking out the window with LaLa

Handsome boy 

Arkansas-Missouri Line from Van Buren to Winslow

L to R: Daddy, Mama, Holt, PaPa, and LaLa

We had a blast with our cousin Sutton!

*The new water park in Fort Smith (Parrot Island Water Park) has "Tot Time" on Wednesdays from 8-9:30AM and we went to try it out! Again, I didn't take pictures (probably because I was busy trying to keep up with a busy 12 month old haha) but we went with our friend Lorna (and her mama) and Holt had such a great time! He splashed and walked around laughing, watching all the other kids run around and going down the slides. We will definitely be going back!

Weight: 21 lbs (50th percentile) 
Height: 29 ½ inches (50th percentile)

Favorites: *other kids of all ages *animals, especially dogs *walking *playing piano (or anything musical) *being in the water--swimming and splashing 

Milestones: *walking! *talking more--no new words, but he's making more noises *we started brushing his teeth and he loves it

Sleep: He has continued to be a bit of a crazy sleeper. When we were in Florida, he slept like a champ--probably because he wore himself out playing so hard. Since we have been back though, it's been a different story. He still takes 2 naps a day, but they have been shorter. Also, at night, I lay him down at normal bedtime (6:30PM) and he will just lay there for 2 hours before falling asleep. We are going to start a different bedtime routine and see if that makes any difference. 

Feeding: This kid is still an eating champ. He seriously eats as much as some grown adults! His favorite foods are frozen waffles, bananas, tuna (yep!), grilled chicken, string cheese, rice, Plum organics pouches, and Puffs. We started whole milk right before our Florida trip and it was an easy transition! He has a few ounces of milk first thing in the morning and right before bed. Other than that, he has water all throughout the day.  

He loves his Sophie-dog

when you're trying to pop four teeth, clothes are optional

yay for birthdays!

Love my little family

My dearest Holt,

It's hard for me to believe it's been a year since I first held you in my arms. Watching you grow over this last year has been such a joy---I am so proud of you! God made you perfectly for our little family and I can't imagine our lives without you. You amaze me everyday with your sweet personality, how adventurous and fearless you are, how much you love me and daddy, watching you explore new things that I take for granted--water and grass and sand and different foods, watching how your face lit up when you took your first steps. I pray you grow up to be a man after God's own heart and be courageous and have strong convictions, that you would have a good work ethic and that you would treat everyone, regardless of their differences, with love and respect. Words cannot express how much I love you Holt-man. You truly are a precious gift from God.

Much love,

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