Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We got a PUPPY!

It finally happened. We got a puppy. We are now officially part of the "my dog is my child club." And I mean that in every literal sense. It's funny how many times we have looked at each other and gone "what do we do?"..."I don't know, what do you think we should do?"..."I don't have any idea, just wing it I guess." When she whines, is it because she is hungry, thirsty, needs to go outside, is tired, wants to play....the list goes on and on. Talk about a reality check. Yes, puppies are cute and cuddly and fun and great companions, but THEY ARE WORK. Can I get an amen??

However, late nights and accidents aside, we are in love with her. I told Daniel this was just good practice for when we had a baby. He just laughed. She is really smart and loves to play (and of course bite everything in sight), but she also loves cuddles and just being with you. She is an 11 week old redbone hound/lab mix, so it will be interesting to see which qualities she picks up from which parent. Fun times ahead!

Right after we picked Sophie up

They were both tuckered out on the ride home

Peaceful napping

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