Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holt: 21 Months

Our little man is only 3 months away from turning TWO! My mama heart can barely believe it. He has grown leaps and bounds these past few months. He constantly amazes me with everything he observes and learns and how he processes things. Plus, his vocabulary and comprehension is just exploding! Here are some highlights from the last 3 months:

*In March, Holt started calling my bump "Evie" and gave her hugs and kisses. It made my mama heart just explode with love!

*the middle of March, Holt got another haircut. This time at Pigtails and Crewcuts in Conway---he did MUCH better! He sat in a little airplane and they blew bubbles for him and he got to eat Nilla wafers. He looked so much more grown up afterwards! We also got some maternity pictures made, taken by my super talented aunt.

*the same weekend of the haircut, I went into preterm labor and ended up being put on bed rest. We had lots of support from friends and family and Holt loved all the extra people coming over to help out. You can read all about the details HERE

*the middle of April, Holt got sick with the croup. Poor buddy! He ran a high fever for a few days, had a barking cough, and wheezed some when he breathed in and out. He did not feel good! We took him to the pediatrician and they told us it was a virus so it just has to run it's course. The good news is, adults cannot get the croup, it just ends up being a severe cold (which he ended up sharing with me). It took a good 2 weeks before he was back to himself. BUT the biggest pro to come out of him being sick is we COMPLETELY got rid of the paci! Our goal was to have it gone before baby sister got here so we started weaning him off of it around the end of February/first of March. We started by throwing away all pacis except one (without him seeing) and only letting him have it at nap time and bedtime for a few weeks. Then we knocked it down to bedtime only. I really thought it would be awful to get rid of it for good, but when he got sick he didn't want it at all because he couldn't breathe. So that was awesome! He asked for it ONE time and when we told him no, he was absolutely fine. Bye bye paci!

*April 23rd: I made it to 37 weeks and Holt was feeling much better! So we celebrated by going to the Farmer's Market and the park for a little family playdate.

*May 7th: I'm 39 weeks pregnant and we decide to spend our last Saturday as a family of three by getting donuts for breakfast and going to the Wild Things Farm in Pocola, OK for the morning. We rode a hayride, went to petting zoo where Holt got to feed and pet baby goats, he and daddy went down a huge slide on a potato sack, and we picked a couple pounds of fresh strawberries. To top it off, we went with our best friends which everyone loved.

*May 12th: Holt's baby sister was born! Evie Elizabeth Lowery came into the world! Read all the details of her birth story HERE

*May 14th: we come home from the hospital and Holt ends up having strep. His fever got up to 104 a few times, you could tell it hurt to swallow anything, and he just did not feel good. It's so hard as a parent to watch your child be sick and not be able to do anything about it! We took him to the pediatrician Monday and they started him on an antibiotic. So thankful my mom and grandma were here to help!

*All the next week, he starts feeling better and takes more interest in his baby sister. It is so sweet! We have to remind him to be gentle, but overall he does really well!

*We bought him a slide for the backyard as an early birthday gift and he loves it!


*size 4 diapers (size 5 Pampers baby dry at night) but he knows what the potty is and we try to talk about going potty quite a bit. He still isn't interested, but I'm hoping by continuing to talk about it and him watching us go, it will make potty training easier whenever it happens. He also can tell us when he poops (sometimes).

*He has popped all 4 incisors---these were rough like the molars. Thankful we are almost done with teething!

*still takes one nap a day---he wakes up 7-7:30AM usually, naps from about 12:30-2:00/2:30PM and we have bedtime at 7:30PM (except on MDO days, he doesn't nap much if at all, so sometimes we put him to bed a bit earlier)

*his comprehension and vocabulary are absolutely exploding. He is a little parrot and repeats most words extremely well. A few of his favorite things to do: help daddy make coffee, help us vacuum and sweep, go outside and play, act like he is mowing like daddy with his plastic lawnmower.

*he has an AMAZING memory! He remembers toys he has played with at other people's houses, even if it's been a month or more since he has been there. Also, if I tell him "wait til daddy gets home and then we can do_____" then as soon as daddy walks in the door, he is ready!

*he has started taking more interest in TV shows and movies. His current favorites: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Super Why, and Thomas the Train on PBS. He also loves 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and the Fox and the Hound.

Weight: 29 lbs (85th percentile)
Height: 34 inches (60th percentile)

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