Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby Lowery #2: 17 Weeks

Oh hey 17 weeks! I know, I skipped another week, however it was Thanksgiving week which was CRAZY so I feel like I had a good excuse. Right? 

The belly definitely "popped"--there is no hiding it anymore! The best part is I have started getting comments on the belly, which means I actually look pregnant now. Yay! I have also been feeling some baby kicks all of last week, which I LOVE. This is MUCH earlier than I felt them with Holt which is so exciting! I had an anterior placenta with Holt, so I didn't feel anything until around 21-22 weeks. I am constantly in awe of the miracle of life. It truly is utterly AMAZING how God created our bodies to help create and grow LIFE. 

We had a doctor appointment this week and everything checked out great! Heartrate was 160 (I always tear up hearing it) and everything is measuring right on target. After losing 8 pounds up until this point, I actually gained 3 (thanks holidays) so my doctor was really excited. Next appointment is December 21st and that's when we get to have our big ultrasound!! I can't wait! 

DON'T FORGET! We are LIVE broadcasting our gender reveal using PERISCOPE. Download it from the App Store---it will require you to either sign in with your Twitter account or a phone number. Then follow @DanielHLowery and make sure to turn on your notifications so that it will alert you when we go live! We plan on doing the reveal Tuesday, December 22nd around 7:15pm or so. Be sure to tune in! We can't wait to see if we are having a little brother or sister for our Holt-man! 

How Far Along: 17 weeks 2 days
Maternity Clothes: I ordered a couple of "PureBody by Gap" long sleeved maternity shirts on Cyber Monday (so I got a GREAT deal) and I am so excited to get them! If you've never tried the "PureBody", do yourself a favor and get some---literally the softest and most comfortable shirts I've ever worn! 
Stretch Marks: None
Sleep: Great! I re-connected with my body pillow and again, if you're pregnant, do yourself a favor and get one! You will sleep so much better!
Best moment this week: Feeling baby kicks and hearing the heartbeat again
Movement: I am so excited to say YES! That is my very favorite thing about pregnancy---feeling life move inside you is absolutely incredible!
Food cravings: Pimento Cheese sandwiches with yellow mustard, anything with a cream sauce, blueberry waffles from Waffle House, and honestly I'm craving eating out. I would eat out every meal if we could afford it. 
Food Aversions: Weird about meat still---except bacon. I can always eat bacon! And sometimes I don't even know I have an aversion to something until it's mentioned or on the table. 
Have you started showing: Yes! So excited!
Rings On/Off: Well, come to find out, I can't wear my rings for the remainder of my pregnancy (and it's KILLING me). My rings were trapping moisture and causing the dry skin and blisters (beginning of cellulitis). I had to treat it with oils and neosporin. I'm back to normal now, but I can't wear any rings on that finger until my pregnancy is over. :( 
Happy/Moody: Mostly just EXHAUSTED. I feel like I can't get enough sleep and I am living for bedtime (especially Holt's). 

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