Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Years

November 23, 2008.

Daniel came over to my parent's house and asked their permission to date me. Can I just insert here that it absolutely floored me! I had never had a guy tell me they wanted my parent's permission and it made me like him (and respect him) that much more. 

Now, FIVE years later (can't believe that), it's so neat to look back on all that has transpired in that short amount of time: I started and finished x-ray school, we got engaged, the Lord provided Daniel's first job and a place for us to live in North Little Rock, we got married, I graduated, we moved 525 miles away to Louisville, I worked two part time jobs, we went into debt by taking out loans for Daniel's school, we found deep and lifelong friendships at Seminary, our car died so we had to go into more debt and get another one, the Lord provided Daniel's job in Fort Smith and allowed us to move home, and Daniel graduated from Seminary with his Master's degree (trust me--this is just a brief overview). 

The Lord has been so faithful. I am humbled at His grace and mercy bestowed upon us again and again and again. His ways are definitely better than mine! If you had asked me five years ago what my life would look like, I don't think I would've said anything close to what it's actually been. 

It makes me giddy and excited to think what God has in store for us the next five years! Hopefully it includes settling down more, purchasing a house, and starting a family at some point. :) 

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