Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Love Story: Part 2

When I came home from working at Kanakuk, I had such a peace about the future. I cherished time with my family and knew God was in control. I started back for the fall semester and became involved leading a small group Bible Study at church for 9th and 10th grade girls. I absolutely loved it! Little did I know, God was about to rock my world.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008. Our college Sunday School teachers were gone for the weekend, so someone else stepped in to teach. I remember he got up in front of the class after worship and prayer time, said hello and introduced himself as Daniel Lowery. I had heard his name before and seen him around, but we had never talked. He taught out of 2 Kings that morning. I just remember sitting there, listening to him, and thinking, "This guy has courage! It's no small feat to stand in front of your peers and teach, let alone actually KNOW what you are talking about!" I decided after class was over to go up and encourage him--let him know I thought he did a great job. I walked up to him, introduced myself and told him just that. I did not think anything of it as I walked out of the room.

Well, he must have thought differently, because later that evening as I was checking facebook, I noticed a message he had sent me a few hours earlier.

I don't know if you need to study for any of your classes, but i'm going to the library about 7.00 or 7.30 tomorrow if you want to come join me. i have a huge accounting test this week and i need to study hard; you are more than welcome to keep me company.

I just sat there staring at this message like, " who does this guy think he is? All I did was encourage him this morning and he thought I was flirting with him?! "

Because of my oldest child tendencies and the walls I put up around my heart, I waited until the next day and I replied:

i would love to come to campus later tonight but i have a huge test tomorrow too and since i live at home, i just study in my room.

I know. Heartless, right? He didn't skip a beat though! He replied:

I understand you not being able to come tonight, i might have treated you to some Starbucks if you would have come. oh well... : ) Just know that the invitation is still there. lol

Now that was just cruel. Bribing me with free coffee? Was this guy desperate or what? As I'm laughing to myself, my mom decides to walk in. "What are you doing?" she asks.

"Oh, nothing. Just talking with this guy from church who's trying to bribe me to go to the library with him." 

"Well are you going to go with him?"

This is where I give the are-you-serious look and say, " Yeah right mom. I don't have time for a boyfriend right now."

"What harm will it do to at least go meet with him? At the very least you get free coffee and a friend. Just cause you talk with him doesn't mean you have to marry him."

*Sigh. "Ok, fine."

okay, now that you mention the starbucks i might come... actually, i think i am gonna come, i changed my mind earlier today. i'll be there probably around 7 or 7:15. i'll try to find you but my number is 501-733-9395 so call me if you don't find me by 7:30. see you in a bit!

Smooth, I know. Totally nonchalant and I played it cool.

to be continued...

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