Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Evie: 7 Months

I remember at the beginning of January, mentally going through all the changes this year would bring. I thought to myself, "by the end of this year I'm going to have a 2 year old and a 7 month old" and HERE WE ARE. Sometimes I can't believe it's real. Like these aren't really MY kids, I'm not old enough! But sure enough, they are. And I love them so much it hurts. Don't get me wrong---it's not always rainbows and there have been PLENTY of hard, hard, hard days (case in point the first 3 months of Evie's life). But goodness, here we are with a 7 MONTH OLD and she is absolutely beautiful and healthy. Our motto for her is "tiny yet mighty" and it's so fitting. She may be petite, but she is a STRONG girl.

Alright, enough being mushy. Here's what has been going on with our girl this month:

*talk about crawling! she knows where she wants to go and she will do whatever it takes to get there. She is one determined little lady! And she is DESPERATELY trying to stand--I'll see her crawling on the floor one minute and the next she is in the downward dog (yoga) position with her feet flat on the floor and getting frustrated because she can't stand up. I'm thinking she's gonna be an early walker.

*she still can't sit up on her own--I'm trying to work on it with her, but as soon as I start trying she immediately goes to crawl or to stand up. She is too busy to sit! oh well, it will happen eventually.

*still in size 2 diapers and size 3 pampers baby dry at night

*wears 3-6 month and 6 month clothes and she is barely starting to wear 0-6 month Livie & Luca shoes and baby moccasins

*we tried food this month, and she wanted nothing to do with it! I thought for sure she would love it like Holt, but nope. she looked at it super skeptically and then just burst into tears!  LOL
we started with sweet potato, then tried avocado, then we tried baby food sweet peas. NADA. So, I waited a couple weeks and tried again with the sweet peas. lo and behold, she sort of liked it! And then I found the Plum Organics Little Yums teething biscuits and she LOVED those. We will see how she continues over the next month.

*she has been teething HARD CORE. bless her little heart. she has had terrible poops that have given her blistering diaper rashes and you can just tell she hurts so bad. I even took her to the doctor thinking she had an ear infection because she was waking up multiple times at night and she was just grumpy all the time which is NOT like my daughter. no ear infection, just teething. we are hoping those teeth pop soon so she can start feeling better.

*we celebrated her first Thanksgiving! it was such a great day! we went to my family's cabin, Sno-lic, and she was such a trooper. she was truly in her element--she loves to be around people and they all wanted to be around her! Holt was in his element too--exploring outside and helping all the men cook the meat. come to find out he loves deep fried pheasant and deer too (little mountain man LOL). It was chilly but we managed to get a couple of pictures.

*we went to the park a couple of times when the weather was nice and both kids had a blast!

*we drove the kids around to look at Christmas lights. I LOVE the holidays and seeing it through the eyes of your kids is THAT much better! It's fun to start discovering what traditions we want to do as a family and this will definitely be one we continue to do!

Weight: 14 lbs 1 oz (10th percentile)
Height: 26 inches (40th percentile)

Milestones: *crawling *talking more and more *paying attention to little details (zippers, specks on the floor, necklaces, etc) *thinks her brother is HILARIOUS *teething *first Thanksgiving  *she has started reaching for people---particularly daddy

Favorites: *her daddy---if he walks by her and doesn't stop to say hi and/or pick her up she starts crying *she loves to chew on her little plastic spoons *the jumper *bouncing

Sleep: Sometimes it's hard to NOT compare her sleeping habits to Holt's when he was her age. I have to remember she's a completely different baby but sometimes that is really hard! especially when I remember he was already sleeping through the night at this age...and she isn't. When everything is going good, she will sleep from 6:30PM-5:00AM before needing to eat and generally wakes up at least once in there for a paci. Then she eats 4 oz. at 5:00AM and then we put her back to sleep (because I don't want to get up then) and she'll sleep until 6:30-7AM. When that happens, I feel pretty rested (even though she has only slept the ENTIRE night without waking up only twice since she was born). However, lately things haven't been going good (thanks a lot teething) and she has been waking multiple times a night hurting or pooping or having bad gas. Last night for instance, starting at midnight she was up every 2 hours just hurting, having bad gas pains, and having diarrhea (gross I know). I am really hoping that amping up solids this next month and HOPEFULLY having her teeth pop through will remedy the situation and she will start sleeping 12 hours. Fingers crossed. It's starting to really take a toll on me. As far as naps go, she typically takes 2 naps a day. Every now and then, if she takes a super short nap in the morning, then I can bank on a pretty short nap in late afternoon to make up for it. But when things are going well, she takes (2) 1.5ish hour naps a day.

Feeding: She eats 4 bottles during the day, all 6 oz., and then one 4 oz. bottle during the night. I'm hoping this month to completely get rid of the nighttime bottle--especially with her eating more solids, she really won't need it anymore. I have tried to give her a 7oz. bottle before bed in hopes it would help tide her over all night, but she always only eats the 6 oz. She finally warmed up to solids a little bit last week and has now had sweet pea puree, squash puree, banana, and teething biscuits. I'm hoping this next month we can introduce more veggies and fruits, possibly puffs, and maybe eggs and peanut butter. She seems to be a pretty slow mover in the food department though, so I'm not expecting too much.

Typical Schedule:

7AMish  up for the day
8AM    6 oz bottle
9AM  nap
11:30AM 6 oz bottle
12:30/1:00PM nap
3:00 PM  6 oz bottle
playtime (usually somewhere in here we give her solids)
6:00 PM bedtime routine
6:30PM  6 oz bottle and bed
5AM (usually) 4 oz bottle

Photo Dump:

please mama? 

yummy reward for flu shots!

this girl LOVES her daddy

so. big. 

working on her music skills and sitting up

Thanksgiving 2016

Holt in 2014//Evie in 2016

Eating with Aunt Manda

Thanksgiving with my baby girl!

such a fun day

not a fan of the avocado 

sweet moments

GOODNESS my daughter is beautiful

all smiles playing 

all the heart eyes

big smiles

Little Yums teething biscuits

she LOVES the baby in the mirror

PJ's from Melly--my little gingerbread girl 

She finally likes the peas!

Sophie gets to tolerate another mobile baby--haha

sweet little owl 

Letty is a LITTLE obsessed with baby Evie

my world

trying to feed daddy the spoon

the lights really captured her attention

yummy banana


sweet as pie 

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